Have you seen this awesome biopic of Captain Vikram Batra?


Nothing one says or writes can ever do justice to this brave valiant selfless passionate officer of the Indian Army. He was all of 24 years old when he sacrificed his life to save the life of his brother soldier and fighting for his Nation…

He was awarded the highest ever Military Honor. The PVSM for his unmatched bravery.. its a fact that he changed the strategy if the war which India went on to win but we lost one of our bravest soldier Captain Vikram Batra.

I feel very close to him because my own brother was a part of this battle at Kargil

My brother was in the Artillery unit firing to distract the enemy while the troops went up to destroy the enemy bunkers and win the war. If you see the movie it has been mentioned there, incidentally, my brother also came home with a bravery award.

The movie has been superbly presented without any dramatics . A true narration of the war and the brave soldiers.

Siddharth Malhotra as Captain Batra has done a superb job but then he had to do it when he is the hero of this fantastic biopic  He had to do justice to the brave officer.

And Kiara Advani was every bit Dimple Cheema…his fiancee.

Every single actor big and small has fitted their roles so well. God bless you all and the director of this movie who has brought the whole  Kargil War battle live for us.

Salutes and all respects to Captain Vikram Batra!

They make very few like you on this Earth…proud of you and your sacrifice

This has been written by Annu Durga