It was a usual practice for this bunch of affluent – crème de la crème women to have their daily dose of bitter gourd juice and discuss the current affairs(around their own lives)for a while before they are driven away in their swanky cars.
"I wonder where is this world heading to….did you hear the latest…that adult film star has adopted a girl child…that too from an orphanage…who has given her the right to ruin the life of a child..what will the society tell this kid when she grows up..that her mother was a porn star…what values of life will she be giving her…huh no shame..these women are a stigma on our society..a speck of soot ..I am so disgusted…why can't they produce their own kids…figure conscious I believe…look at us…we have given birth to two kids…but we belong to a respectful background with deep rooted values unlike this shameless woman…"her potion of venom seemed huge….she continued spitting venom and the conversation was made even worse with the lethal inputs by rest of the women .it seems they were just emptying the bitterness of the juice they consumed every day…

Suddenly she felt a nudge on her arm…"memsaab…feed us some food ..haven't eaten anything since yesterday"-voices came from these frail looking two tiny girls..who looked starved and dehydrated…the unfortunate lot of this biased society…disparity of God was clearly visible and a clear line of demarcation was seen between the two extremes of the society…

"How the hell you touched my arm….get lost you #####…you people have contaminated the society..go away and make sure you must not be seen anywhere close to us…",one of the ladies fumed and sent those girls back in horror.
"Hey btw..I need your help to write a speech…as you all know I am the president of the society…today I need to deliver a speech about the girl child adoption drive and upliftment of the children of lesser God…after all we also have some responsibility towards our society…if people like us won't do anything…who else will do?"

The focus moves to the driver who was patiently waiting for his memsaab ..
He was privy to the whole conversation-deep, dark, chilling horror of this society.
He looks at the images of the adult star he had saved in his phone…n thinks that so far he had only lusted after her….but from today onwards he had developed a tremendous respect for the same woman…n then turns his neck to look at his memsaab…….he smirks…a slow n sarcastic laughter follows….
A small conversation…few gestures….made by two women changed his perception .suddenly this so called uneducated driver became sagacious enough to pull off the masquerade and see the naked truth of the society…
creme de la creme…huh sour cream!!!