What role or relationship first comes to your mind when you think of ourselves? I am sure for all of the #GurgaonMoms it will first begin with the word ‘mother’ followed by several other beautiful ones like a wife, sister, daughter, homemaker, professional and the list could be endless.

Women of today don multiple hats and play many roles with aplomb! It is not that we are not celebrated for what we do. Many brands, primarily fashion, and lifestyle continue to celebrate women but I have always wondered why automotive brands always put men in the driver's seat. And I am glad that one brand has finally decided to put a break on gender stereotyped advertising in the automotive space. 

Bold, independent and confident of making right choices – That is how Ford’s new television commercial celebrates the empowered women in India of today. Playing on the theme of taking “safety in your hands”, we love the way this new commercial shows a self-assured Kalki Koechlin celebrate the essence of ‘Raksha Bandhan’ by tying Rakhi on her wrist before driving off in a Ford EcoSport. Wow!

The campaign clearly shows how the brave new women of today are taking charge of their safety and making the right choices for themselves and their loved ones, especially our kids.

Ladies and Ladies! Are we growing our influence in areas often considered a male territory i.e. like car buying right? The answer is yes! The times are changing and from deciding on just the colour a decade ago, we today make decisions after understanding different technologies that keep our family safe.

What impresses me most about Ford is their focus on safety. Did you know Ford cars the only ones that let you control the speed of the car if your kids are driving it with Ford MkKey? And, also the only car maker to provide SYNC with Emergency Assistance that uses a Bluetooth-paired and connected mobile to help vehicle occupants initiate a direct call for an emergency response following a vehicle crash event.

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