Physical Abuse

This is the most recognisable form of  abuse. It involves use of force- kicking, punching ,shooting, stabbing, slapping, choking or even forcing to use drugs etc  the injury even if doesn’t amount to a major one- still will be considered violence/abuse

Emotional Abuse

Persistent humiliation, name calling, insult and criticism- all that leads to the destruction of victim’s self worth – a very common phenomenon in any unhealthy relationship. Emotional abuse is difficult to recognise alone and typically is clubbed with other types of abuses..

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is a common form of domestic violence and this has been quite broadly defined- hence it not only includes sexual assault and rape, but also includes harassment, unwelcome touching and other demeaning behaviour. If one is coerced into using contraception or having abortion- it comes under sexual abuse.

Financial Abuse

Of all types of domestic violence, financial abuse is least obvious and has least awareness. Financial abuse can be of many types such as husband preventing wife from higher education and job outside home,husband controlling wife’s money- taking her stree dhan away from her,not providing with the basic comfort of life or not giving any access to money.Financial abuse is less obvious than physical or sexual abuse and it is the most common one as well..

Psychological Abuse

Threatening , intimidating, fear causing behaviour all these are psychological abuse. Though it must be persistent and significant to amount to a psychological abuse- one or two instances are not enough to bring domestic violence action. Most often this following can come under psychological abuse: preventing victim from talking to others or going out,threatening victim with violence or emotional blackmail etc .

All these forms of domestic violence are harmful to victim and can cause their mental and physical trauma and interrupt with their well being. If someone is in any of the above kind of domestic violence situation , they should seek help

Feature Photo by MMPR on Unsplash