So I know I might get bashed up for this one. Coz the reviews on the movie… disappointing to say the least.

But honestly, I have been looking forward to watching Kalank since I saw ‘Ghar More Pardesiya…’ trailer with Alia’s dance. ‘Such astounding beauty!’ was the only thought which crossed my mind.

And watching the movie yesterday, the thought was very justified I believe. The director, Abhishek Varman, has set out to create a visual delight. Every single frame of the movie is astoundingly beautiful thanks to veteran cinematographer, Binod Pradhan. Only Sanjay Leela Bhansali was previously capable of this kind of grandeur. The movie had me at the opening scene itself. Alia Bhatt is a Gujarati girl who is running behind patang, a kite. Having born and brought up in Gujarat (and coz you are shaped as much by where you are brought up as you are by your family traditions)… the Gujarati girl in me couldn’t help getting delighted by the colours, sights and visuals and brought back childhood memories of Uttarayan where we would be flying kites and helping cut ones of others for entire two days! There was food, music, friends and forgetting daily humdrum of life for those two days- I guess one would understand only when one experiences. But yes, there is something about the festivals of Gujarat, Navratri or Uttarayan, they are unique, colourful and cheerful, and be it Deepika Padukone as Leela in RamLeela, or Alia as Roop here, these women look astoundingly beautiful in the traditional Gujarati garb of chaniya choli. Ok ok… I know I started blabbering like a woman about fashion and jewellery: p Bite me!

Coming back to the movie, the story is about love, choices, freedom, societal norms, religion, and revenge. It starts with a weird proposal by Satya, Sonakshi Sinha, who asks for Roop to be wedded to her husband Dev, Aditya Roy Kapur and move to Husnabad. The relationship between these two is poignant and beautiful – the love palpable and respectable, like it should be in a marriage. It is not selfish or possessive. Though she does truthfully admit to feeling jealous later in the movie, when she sees Roop and Dev getting closer, a match which she herself made.

But the marriage is unfulfilling. And Roop finds herself falling heads over heels for a blatant blacksmith, Zafar (Varun Dhawan, who by the way looks yummylicious in the role!) Here comes the part about societal norms. When Bahaar Begum, Madhuri Dixit, tells Roop, ‘Aap shaadi shuda hain. Aapke shohar ek ache aadmi hain.’ Roop retorts, ‘Sirf ache hona kaafi hai?’ Do women have a choice when it comes to love? Or are they supposed to live with the burden of societal norms in marriage for the rest of their lives? Why does the burden of suppressing desires, better still, not feeling them at all, lie on women only? When a man philanders, that’s just men being men, and they do it all the time, of course. But if a woman as much as thinks, it is Kalank… right? Does a woman not have right to her happiness? Finding love? Fulfilment? Desire? These questions and many more are raised in this layered costume drama.

Of course, if you don’t like opulent Hindi movies, skip this one. If you don’t enjoy the song and dance, better stop reading this review all together. Costumes, jewellery, and overacting – this movie has all of it. So realistic cinema? This one definitely not it, so go with the right expectations.

I for one, love the opulence of Hindi cinema… like I would love to dress as Roop and walk around a Haveli all day today :p Better still… break into a beautiful song like Bahaar Begum in the middle of the day with hauntingly beautiful voice! Yes! I am that filmy :p Lol!

Rest… if you still are reading, definitely go watch the movie! Alia is breath-taking in every single frame. This girl has the biggest fan in me now – first Gully Boy and now this. Her sheer passion, talent and beauty is astounding. And she plays intelligent women characters in both the movies who want to pursue their careers with their respective relationships, it is not career versus marriage, it is both, which is an extremely admirable choice made as a woman. Madhuri looks classically beautiful of course, but tad overacted at times with way too much makeup. Sonakshi is good in her part, as is Kunal Khemu. Sanjay Dutt is good as a father who is repentant of his choices. Aditya Roy Kapur’s silent strong man character is excellently portrayed.

But the surprise package for me is Varun Dhawan. I will very honestly admit that I have not watched one movie of his without rolling my eyes before this (have not watched October, I admit). I used to find him to be quite a monkey! But he has outdone himself in this role. He looks perfect as a part of blacksmith (almost makes you want to visit Lohamandi in 1940s :p), mouths complicated Urdu dialogues with ease, and the portrays the rawness which the role requires with complete passion.

I almost feel like going on… but will wait till you watch the movie! Reply in comments once you do and we will have so much to talk about J

Meanwhile… I will go dress up, and sing Tabaah ho gaye around the house till someone begs me to stop as they have a massive headache 😛

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