Alka Raza is a strong woman… both in personality and actions. Single handedly Alka has transformed a once dilapidated family Haveli into a warm and Maharajah worthy home. To add to her accolades is the successful running of the NJB Women Program Centre in Katha.

Katha is on the Delhi Bagpath road which was an ancient route used by the Mughals to reach Kashmir.The Haveli is 400 years old and it has been refurbished with modern amenities but retains the old world charm. Alka has been a journalist for most of her adult life and her husband’s work with the UN has taken her to exotic locales – El Salvador, Vienna and Jordan to name a few.

NJB organizes health awareness and medical camps for the villagers. NJB organizes meetings with the villagers to make them aware that a medical camp is going to take place and they should register. They invite well trained and qualified doctors from Delhi and arrange medicines to run the medical camp. They start early morning where mothers and children are allowed to enter first. Doctors examine them and they are provided with medicines. The doctors explain the villagers how to use and how many times should it be taken in a day. Later in the afternoon men are allowed to enter and the procedure remains the same.

Untitled 2Alka now uses the name of the Haveli and its goodwill to encourage participation of young girls in various skill classes. The main teachers are for Computers and stitching and embroidery. The sole aim of these programs is to give the future generation an opportunity to earn. Their only other option is to work in the harsh and underpaid brick making factories.

All these ladies wish to earn and be financially independent. When I interviewed them most of them wanted to be teachers. Living in conditions where electricity and water are rarities these girls are a talented group!

NJB produces the most exquisite Zardozi  embroidery.They also make runners out of cotton and golden tissue.These are all exclusive pieces and Alka is willing to produce them on order for Gurgaonmoms. All for a great cause !