February 24, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 12:30 pm
Heritage Xperential Learning School-The Heritage School
Sector 62 Gurgaon

1. Bullyproofing Our Kids – Acknowledging, Prevention & Intervention Strategies
A Panel Discussion led by Nazia Erum – Author of ” Mothering a Muslim” Accompanied by Aditi Misra ( Principal DPS Sector 45 ) & Ariana Heifetz Ariana leads the Socio Emotional Learning work at Heritage Xperential Learning School.
2. “Average” – Poetry Reading by Anagha Rajesh, 12 yrs old [d/o Anitha Rajesh]
3. The Invisible Scar – When Your Child Feels Invisible Around Other People
By Dr Shelja Sen, Author of ‘Imagine: No Child Left Invisible’ with Moderator – Dr Kavita Arora, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, Co-founder Children First.

Refreshments will be served from 10 am – 10.30 am

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FeaturingDr.Shelja Sen , Author of Imagine .
Why do we send our children to school? How can learning be meaningful? And most importantly, how can we build schools worthy of our children? From the time children are little, we start making stories about them. Schools are like factories where these stories are manufactured all the time. Some children, who’re at the top of the social hierarchy, enjoy rich, diverse and colourful stories, which are told and retold. But there are many who spend most of their lives in school, clutching on to single, thin narratives where they’ve been judged as: ‘a failure’, ‘can do better’, ‘not up to the mark’ or ‘not reaching potential’ – every ‘not’ restricting and making their narratives thinner, limited, with lesser scope for possibilities. These are the children who are forgotten, who are invisible and who are seen as never being good enough. At the core of this book is a deep faith that learning is about the magical relationship the teacher builds with each child; it is about building emotionally safe, inclusive spaces for creative learning – this is the heart, the lifeblood, the bare bones of learning. Imagine is a call to action for teachers, parents, counsellors, therapists, activists, thought leaders and other change agents in our society. It is a game changer that will force us to reflect, rethink and redesign schools to ones that our children truly deserve.
 Shelja is a child & adolescent psychologist, family therapist and mother of two vibrant children. She has keen interest in building emotionally safe communities for children in schools, which nurture worthiness and creative learning.
She is the author of All You Need is Love, the Art of Mindful Parenting (Harper Collins).
The second Author is Nazia Erum.The book is titled Mothering a Muslim by Nazia Erum, an entrepreneur, writer and TedX speaker.
When her daughter was born, Nazia’s concern was choosing a name for her. Should she pick a traditional Islamic name or a more non-religious sounding one so that her daughter couldn’t be identified as a Muslim? Nazia was not the only modern middle class Muslim one asking this question. Soon she discovered that finding the right name for Myra was the least of her worries.
Mothering a Muslim is a tell-all book about what is happening to middle class Muslim kids behind the gates of some of India’s best schools. Nazia Erum has spoken to over 100 kids and parents to uncover deeply troubling secrets – from stories of rampant bullying ( beginning as early as 6)  to segregation of Muslims kids in schools, all in the name of religion to parents controlling what their kids wear.
A young working mom herself, Erum has named schools in this study (most of whom are unaware of these incidents as they aren’t reported)  and uncovered a deep culture of prejudice that has truly worrying implications. While the subject is whispered about, it is the first time that someone has documented this properly.  We believe this is just the tip of the iceberg. there are many more stories, many more victims.
#MothersAgainstBullying takes up bullying as a social cause and we want to create awareness about it – be it based on race, religion or even body shaming. It would be great to work with your community to talk about this campaign.

The objective to get mothers to talk about bullying, specifically religious bullying which is what Nazia’s book is about. We plan to do this along the lines of the “Me Too” campaign wherein mothers can share instances of bullying on their social platforms and together we can create a loud noise about this as a real problem in even the most elite schools across the country.

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Both these ladies are a part of GurgaonMoms.
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