When I initially joined a walking group, Let’s Walk Gurgaon, back in 2015, I thought to myself if nothing else it will help me get into the habit of walking more. (Used to be quite lazy then and hadn’t explored much on foot.) I didn’t fathom then that I needed all that they brought into my life. The years I was active with them were some of the best moments I have experienced in this beautiful city of Gurgaon. They showed me a Gurgaon I didn’t know, always exploring the unknown and the beautiful nature – my love for Aravalli was cultivated solely by them.

I haven’t been active with them for the last couple of years but have made some amazing friends. This place was gift-wrapped for me when it was posted as part of the walk pics 2 weeks back by some of those friends. I had this strong urge to find it for myself- a Sehnsucht moment really. Yes there is the fear of Covid and yes they are just lotuses on an unexplored pond 20 mins from home, not a big deal really, but to think they were out there and reachable and I wasn’t getting to see them, was just beyond me. So as soon as I got back to this beautiful city, I currently call home, I just had to find it. And find I did.

I have never seen such tall Lotuses ever. Most lotuses are floating just above the water, these were at least 2-3 feet tall lotus stems. ??

If you’re like me and planning to explore and trek to this beautiful spot in the Aravalis, I suggest going really early and on a weekday. Definitely avoid weekends as there’s a crazy crowd. Drive in the Southern Periphery road and this dropped pin is where you reach by car (https://maps.app.goo.gl/JM53ZtkRAY6q47H97).

Once you reach here, park and then trek up the path for about a km and a half (a little less than 2), and you will find the lotus pond hidden behind a fenced structure. It’s an easy trek- not strenuous- with a clear pathway so dogs and kids can easily join you. Some of our friends went on Monday morning. We were there by 5 AM and left at 6:30. Was perfect. We had the place all to ourselves.

Sit near the lake and have some quiet time. Meditate a little. Enjoy the silence. Carry your own thermos of tea. Leave the place as you find it. Travel responsibly without leaving any food packets behind. Also since the danger of COVID is still very much there please wear your masks at all times (except maybe while clicking pics), sanitize your hands, keep it away from your face and please stay safe.

*GurgaonMoms is not proposing that it’s safe to travel. The views here are very much those of the writer. We however do propose you stay safe.*