There was a distinct buzz this morning at Cinnamon as we went around getting ready for a very heart to heart “Gupshup with Granny”. Granny Asha was amongst us from Varanasi and as all grannies come, she came with lots of hugs, smiles, gifts and goodies.

2016-07-09-PHOTO-00000034Granny Asha wanted to meet all the lovely people at Cinnamon especially some of her guests who had stayed with her at Granny’s Inn. Needless to say, Radhika, Kavita and Gagan were one of the first to walk in!

The buzz increased as the clock struck 11.30 am and people starting trickling in. Granny Asha, dressed in her quintessential homely saree welcomed all in her true spirits. As 20 odd people came in and started chatting, we realized that friends were with their mothers and mothers-in-law.

The beauty of the conversation was around life, reinventing it, hope and happiness- the last being the core of every individual.

Grandmothers are excellent story tellers and we couldn’t stop ourselves from nudging our Granny to tell us about her life. And like all grandmoms, she was more than happy to share her experiences to an awe struck wide eyed audience that rekindled their own childhood memories of “Nani ki kahani”.

Granny Asha’s life and her start up built curiosity amongst all and it had everyone asking her questions. She graciously and patiently answered all.

“Asha ji how was life before Grannys Inn and what has changed after?”

Granny Asha’s eyes went far beyond her past as she narrated that life before Granny’s Inn was a purposeless life. Like any woman, she was a dutiful person. Hardships were fought but at some point in time, she found herself pushed into depression. It was then that she decided that no matter what her age is, she had to overcome depression and lead a more meaningful life.

Starting Granny’s Inn was the best decision she took because it not just gave her purpose, she was happy to spread love and positivity.

“How do you deal with day to day operations? Isn’t it difficult?”

IMG_8817Granny smiled denying that it wasn’t tiring at all. Infact it kept her healthy and active. She finds it extremely energizing to engage with her guests who she connects with easily. After all, who wouldn’t love to discuss more about home made facial scrubs, saree draping, local food and all things so true to a typical Indian home.

The gupshup lasted for a couple of hours and one could see how much people loved having Granny Asha around. All loved their chai and bihari pakodas and Granny Asha’s special touch made everyone ask for more!

If you would like to know more about the silver start up Granny’s Inn, please visit and should you plan to visit with your mothers, mothers in law and family, do drop in a mail at [email protected] . After all, Granny Asha is nurturing Granny’s Inn with the same love, simplicity and warmth that we associate our grannies with.