child abuse

I hate my name and the one who named me…

On the full moon day in the month of Phalgun, she was born in the capital of UP, i.e., Lucknow. She was hairy yet the fair complexion, almond shaped eyes and the mole right on the nose made her the most beautiful girl in the family. She was named Shashi by her uncle.

Everybody in the family was happy on her birth. She was everybody’s favorite. Being the first-girl child in the family, she was pampered and spoiled by everyone. She was strong but at the same time she was vulnerable. Shashi’s uncle lived in Delhi. He used to visit them once in a year and used to bring lots of gifts for the entire family.

On one such visit, he was shocked to see the beautiful young girl Shashi. She was 13 years old but innocent to the core. Shashi was fond of her uncle. His progressive thoughts, his way of dressing, his nature everything about him appealed her a lot. During family outings when all the brothers used to tease her, her uncle used to come to her rescue. Slowly the gifts from him became more personal for Shashi. Shashi shared her ambitions, her small girlee talks with his uncle. Years passed by, the companionship between them grew strong. Shashi’s uncle became her confidant. Shashi was enjoying her 10th vacations when her mother planned to visit her relatives in Delhi. Her uncle was also putting up in Delhi with his family, with his 2 sons and a doting wife. When Shashi visited her uncle’s house, her aunt who is supposed to be her Chachi asked Shashi’s mother to let her stay for 2 days with her. Her uncle Manoj Chacha also requested for the same. Shashi was happy as her mother allowed her to stay with them.

At night when everybody was preparing to sleep, she was shocked to see that Chachi doesn’t sleep with chacha anymore. On coaxing her aunt she said

“The boys are grown up. That’s why.”

To Shashi this answer did not satisfy her as she was also grown up but her parents slept in one room. Anyways, without thinking much she slept. In the middle of the night when she got up for washroom she saw her uncle smoking cigarette in the drawing room. She went up to him and sat beside him. He was drunk. She started talking to him, but he was eyeing on something else. Slowly he put his hand around her waist. Suddenly her aunt came out of the room and asked Shashi to go to the bed. Next morning her aunt left for the temple. Shashi was still sleeping. But suddenly she felt something heavy on her. She felt her lips wet. Someone groped her. When she opened her eyes she was shocked to see her uncle on her. She pushed him back and ran outside the room. Her aunt came back from the temple. The usual strong, loud Shashi was stone cold. She could not understand what went wrong.

Before she could say anything, her mother called up. She quickly got hold of the phone and asked her mother to come. When her mother arrived, she hugged her tightly and said

“Ma! Mudje yaha se lai jao”

When she was getting ready, her uncle barged into the room and said

“if you said anything, i will spoil ur image.”

Shashi was frightened. On her way back, she gathered all the courage and said

“Ma chacha ne mere breast dabaye aur mudje kiss kiya”

Her mother hugged her, consoled her, wiped her tears and said

“kisi ko kuch mat khena. Badi families me yeh batai hoti rehti hai”

The innocence of her was taken by the one who was just like her father and who named her Shashi…….


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