Too much of my ranting so today I will tell you about New Colony,though there was nothing new to it. This area was supposed to be one the better ones. The houses were large and the roads wide. Though many of the houses had been constructed about fifty years ago,yet they looked good. So many were rebuilding their houses to accommodate their sons’ families post marriage or to accommodate larger families of brothers. Many famous doctors and dentists resided here.

The colony had a very small market,which had two landmarks,Kishu di hatti and Mangle di kulfi. The sweet shop was famous for its Dhoda,a name I had heard for the first time. It was a local sweet and tasted awesome. It was made of broken wheat and milk with dry fruits on the top. And very soon I had become a big fan of it.

Kishu was also famous for its alu tikki- chole and alu tikki- dahi. Needless to say, I had not had tikki like this before. And in a few days,I had got hooked to both the things as they were the staple for any unannounced arrival of guests,which was very frequent. The kulfi was a simple tilla kulfi,made with the best quality of milk and dry fruits. The guy,Mangla,used to take great pains to do quality control. Most of the evening walks would end in this delectable indulgence.

There was the religious Geeta Bhavan,which was multi purpose. It was used for discourses as well as for having the prayer meets. A temple also existed privy to many weddings and other occasions.The other landmark was “Gaba ki kothi”, the house of the residing political person. The name was used as a direction reckoner,as it was at the corner of the small dividing road between New colony and Sector 7. After all,there were no Google Maps back then.

How we claim ownership and breed familiarity to the areas we grow up,so much so that it is difficult to get used to a newer area and a different locality. I was struggling with this feeling,which I had never known that existed. Maybe this was why I had been thrown into this city. It was now up to me to build it as my own or break it. Only time would tell.