Sunday morning-son n father duo are availing the luxury of “bass do min aur”sleep.I know that two mins of extra sleep is probably the most soothing stroke of relaxation.
I decided to utilize the time and left them both sleeping(like Buddha left his wife ) and drove away to golf course extension road to follow my newly found passion-organic farming in my terrace on 9th floor.
I bought seeds of spinach, beans, tomatoes, chillies and okra to begin with.
Rectangular trays with a sack full of soil was procured too .
“didi khaad daal dena,aur roz roz paani nahi dena”-I noted his instructions carefully and bought some manure too.
I came home to find that the duo was sleeping still..
I sowed the seeds, watered them, added manure and woo hoo we are good to go. How I admired my dexterity…
I was dancing like a pride pea hen flaunting my kitchen garden- in making
I Waited for few days with baited breath to see the sight of tiny lil,tender plants emerging from the womb of soil..
It had been three days and the plants were growing fine until on 4th day after I came back from work and realised most of them had died..or were in the process of dying…
My heart was crying coz I had started loving them like my own kids…
Where did I go wrong?
My son saw my plight and consoled me by saying…I wonder what went wrong..I used to water them every day..
Now hold on..what?you watered them daily???????????
He replied with a huge grin and sense of pride shaking his head in affirmation-I know how precious are these plants to I made sure I water them daily.
I was in a quandary whether to love him for this or give him the glimpse of my Medusa side
Before i could make up my mind- the door bell rings and returns my hubby from work..
Seeing my sad face..he pops the same question and in order to answer – I take him to the plants to show him the plight of my green warriors….
He chuckles and says-honey how is that possible…I watered them daily without fail.
Good lord…his words spilled the beans..the lil truth was out..I tried to stay calm to the point of numbness…
Its not the lack of was the over doze of benevolence that canopied my plants n ruined’em..
How true…thappad se darr nahi lagta sahib…pyar se lagta hai..
The good news is..the plants have been taken care of..they are jostling again..and have successfully sprang back to life after reducing the potion of love.