We asked our members the below mentioned question on how to build immunity and got some amazing answers and suggestions from our super moms.

‘While you enjoy the incessant shower of joy and delight during the monsoon season, tell us how you stay away from illness and build immunity during the monsoon season with #DailyDetox.’

Prachi K Monga :The best trick actually that works has to be started right from the beginning…my mum did with me and i did with my son..i hope all new mothers can benefit from it. To make the immune system strong please don’t be overprotective to your kids…from the beginning i gave cold stuff to my son in winters…didn’t burry him in layers n layers of clothing if weather changed, we ate carefully from hygienic places but yes we did n still eat golgappas, kachoris n other street foods in monsoons, many such small steps has built our immune system strong. The more overprotective you become the more immune system tends to become weak!!Rest, an apple a day and almonds in the morning really work in favour of our good health.

Preety Tyagi :I am a fan of turmeric detox in warm water. Mostly early mornings. I take care of sourcing pure turmeric and getting it ground myself. It keeps my tummy happy and skin radiant. Tulsi leaves are excellent for my immunity boost as well. Kids know the tulsi leaves ritual by heart at my home.

Oshna Kathuria Makkar :I boil water with ingredients – giloy, tulsi, ginger , black pepper and cinnamon…then I have same water (warm) every morning …Also evening tea at my home is made with same water.This water can be stored in refrigerator for good two days.If you have giloy daily in this change of season..then you can definitely get rid of illness.It makes our immune system really strong

Sapna Karnwaludaiwal: We need to take extra care of our health during monsoon because it not only brings cool showers but lots of infections and illness along because our digestion ,metabolism becomes weak this time.So needs to be extra careful.I prefer to have Green tea with lemon and honey after every meal to aid to my digestion I add tulsi ,ginger, cinnamon ,black pepper to my regular tea. It’s really good to keep the seasonal infections at bay and boost immunity .Chew dry roasted fennel seeds (called Saunf in hindi) after meal .It is good for digestion and combat constipation as well.Avoid raw food in monsoon .Say no to street food .Freshly cooked homemade food is best bet.

Anchal Kapur :Being close to nature in terms of what you eat & do, is the best way to build immunity & stay illness free. Eat well, sleep well throughout the year. And enjoy a season the way nature wants you to enjoy it.
Here’s my immunity concoction – lemon juice of half or one lemon, 1 tbsp honey, pinch of haldi & few drops of ginger juice. Take it 2-3 times a day. For my 2.5 year old son, I give it once a day…..But like I said, this is not season specific. Overall, have lot of fruits & vegetables, especially in raw form, and reduce junk food.

Namita Khanna : To keep my family away from illness n infections I soak 10 neem leaves, 20 Tulsi leaves, A small stick of Mulathi & Ajwain in a in 2 glasses of water in a copper bowl and let the mixture stand overnight. First thing in the morning boil it down to half then add some Gur into it & consume it empty stomach.

Kirti Behl Kapoor: I think eating everything one likes and being in a happy state of mind is the key to good health. My grandmother used to include haldi, ajwain, adrak & Hing in our daily meals. And also we ate pure ghee and Malai with meals in our house. In a joint family of 16, hardly anybody felt sick during monsoons. I try including all these things in my daily cooking and touchwood my kids have adapted well to the weather changes. I really don’t bother much about minor coughs and cold though! 

Vineeta Kanaujia: Season change is always a time for cold cough and body ache. First of all I give my FAMILY Tulsa and ginger tea. I add a masala of cinnamon kalimirch and long powdered to tea to ward off unwanted infections. I use a mix of dry roasted methi seeds, fennel seeds michri and white pepper powder with milk or warm water to keep skin infections at bay. We also apply camphor induced coconut oil on skin to keep mosquitoes at bay. Lastly we burn camphor in morning and evening to keep atmosphere clean and positive.

Rajashree Nedungadi: Detox – a word that is fashionably used today , though our ancestors used it in their daily life. As a policy I eat only seasonal veggies, eat my dinner by 5.30 p.m. walk daily sleep between 9.30 and 10.00 . Also am a complete home remedy person. So haldi wala doodh for cold, to ginger paste on forehead for headaches to yoga as part of my daily routine . Also think happy, live and let live happily.

Ritu Ritz :Ginger in tea,Warm water one hour post meals.,Tulsi, cinnamon powder boiled in water.Haldi in warm milk.
No outside shoes inside home.Changing outside clothes before sitting on bed to avoid  germs.Kept me healthy during monsoons.

Tanuja Prasad Dod :My detox regime- first thing after waking up in the mornings- go and spend time with my plants, my green babies and my Mowgli baby, my hound,second, call my parents and spend at least 5 mins wishing them a very good morning.. thirdly, have a glass of warm water with a squeeze of lemon, a tsp of wild honey & a pinch each of rocksalt and black pepper powder.

Anupama Pahwa: Green tea with lemon (vitamin C to keep away cold and flu) as the first drink in the morning, noon tea with fresh basil ( provides immunity to the body) and ginger (helps fight infections). Eggs with pepper (good for skin and respiratory problems) in my Breakfast.

Lakshmi Jayaraman: Stay Happy .Drink lots of water .Eat whatever food you want in moderation,Exercise everyday . Sit and share a cup of tea with the elders around you . Never crib about anybody .Accept everybody as they are as you cannot change anyones nature . Radiate happiness with your beautiful smile and pleasant genuine talk Indulge in hobbies and self time.