We all know that our Earth is in danger with plastic pollution and global warming , we think, we discuss , like and share posts on the social media , but how many of us actually do something about it?

Well these 4 young environmentalist enthusiasts Aniket Tripathi (9) Siddhartha Joon (10) Anant Tripathi (11) and Divyan Lakhotia (11)got very concerned after reading about plastic pollution and global warming, So they got together , took out time from their busy schedules ( yes,kids are busier than us adults nowadays) went to each and every house and collected plastic bottles, cut them and planted saplings in them .

They are now decorating our society in phase manner. What’s  mentionable here is that in all this tedious work, they took zero or minimalistic help from adults. Even for buying things like rope and saplings they used their donation money. These young but very aware and concerned kids have pulled off this project so beautifully and now their next agenda is to  set up this plastic bottle garden in the houses of residents who hire them.

This has been contributed by our member Juhi Tripathi


Juhi is a  jewellery designer by qualification and SAHM now since 12 years. She is a trained Bharathanatiyam dancer and loves singing, fabric painting, gardening and embroidery .



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