Stress has become a part and parcel in almost everyone’s life today . Whether it is stress related to work , home , relationships , money , kids , any kind of stress affects your body and mind . While some believe that stress is good for you as it keeps you charged and energized, however too much stress can be harmful .

We all are different and have different ways to handle various situations . Some of us are able to handle a challenging situation well whereas some are not at all equipped to do the same and allow stress to overpower us . That’s where the problem starts and we all must look for the warning signs when too much of stress actually gets on to us and becomes detrimental .

Weight Gain

It is true that stress triggers weight gain .The reason being the body releasing cortisol which is a hormone that makes one crave for high-fat food and sweets. Also when you are down and out , you tend to be inactive that leads to the storage of fat cells and also increase in their size . So if you have become obese or are gaining weight then stress could be one of the reasons . Trying practicing meditation , yoga or any kind of physical activity that would clam you down and also prevent you from gaining weight

Hair Fall or Hair Loss

Too much of stress affect the growth of hair follicles that in turn triggers hair fall. Certain studies and researches show that too much of pressure and tension is the main cause of hair loss in both men and women . People who are stressed out also tend to pull out their own hair in anxiety that damage the hair follicles and cause hair loss . However once you are able to cope up with the stress you would also stop losing your manes So try to handle your tough time in a way so that you don’t lose out on your hair .

Disturbed Sleep

If you are unable to sleep well and there has been a change in your sleeping pattern then stress could be one of the reasons behind it . Getting a good sleep is very essential both for your mental and physical well being . If you don’t get enough and good sleep them it may lead to chronic health issues in the future .If you are experiencing a lot of anxiety then listening to soft music or meditation music can relax you . You may also try reading a book or watching a good movie. Laughter too lightens the mood by easing the stress . Be with those who bring happiness to you and avoid those who may cause more stress .

Recurrent Headaches

The adrenaline and cortisol that is released by your body during stress can cause frequent headaches that may vary in intensity.Headaches caused due to tension are often accompanied by the stiffening of the neck muscles ,pain in the eyes and also a heaviness in the head .

It is not always possible to keep the tension away , but there are ways to control its side effects. Search for ways and means that could help you reduce your anxiety levels and make you more equipped to handle it. After all ‘heath is wealth’ and mental well-being is equally important .


Feature Image source:Whitsunday Professional Counselling Services