The Mom Achievers Summit, is the much awaited annual flagship event of GurgaonMoms, usually held around the Women’s Day. This year’s edition, held at ‘The Crown Plaza Today’, on of 4th March, was extremely invigorating.

The registrations were scheduled around 8:30 AM. Aditti Ahluwalia and Abhilasha Jain were the first ones to register and they won wonderful prizes for their feat!( How did they manage to do this, on a Saturday morning, clad in beautiful sarees and not a single hair out of place? Beats me!!)  

Neela Kaushik then welcomed the delegates, with her warm address.

Sister Shivani, the first speaker for the day, spoke about ‘Inner Peace – Inner Power’. It is indeed true that the energies we give out, are the energies we receive. Positive thinking and positive attitude make this world a much happier place.

Next on the agenda was the panel discussion on ‘Gender Equality starts at home’, moderated by Neela Kaushik. The panelists – Kanta Singh, Shaili Chopra, Aparna Balasundaram and Nitin Agarwal – agreed that ‘Chore-Play’ was the new foreplay!  There were no glass ceilings to break but clear blue skies to touch and the attitudinal changes needed to come from within.

After the mandatory Selfie Break with pouts and coffee,  it was time to get serious – a task in itself very difficult because Anshu Mor with his stand-up comedy kept the attendees thoroughly entertained –  and talk about ‘Positive Parenting in Today’s Age’ . The panel – Dr Geet Oberoi, Ratna Vira, Shubha Shekhar, Tanuja Sodhi with Vidya Raja as its moderator, talked about time-planning, support systems and the influences of all pervading connectivity. They agreed that ‘Happiness is the key to raise sorted children’ !

Next came the Break-out sessions –  Entrepreneur’s Elevator Pitch ( where passion ruled when the contestants spoke their heart out) and Blogging Tips to turn one’s nascent writing into a thriving business model (helmed by Ajay Jain of Kunzum Cafe – Remember the only rule! Content is the Queen!)

After the sumptuous lunch, it was next to impossible to stay serious. It was music on the agenda. The delegates pounded the chairs, to chart-busters with ‘Boom Whackers’.

The result of the Elevator pitch was declared with Shauravi of Slurp farms as the winner and Kanika Kush, the runner up. The expert panel comprising of Dheeraj Jain, Shilpa Sharma and Naiyya Saggi, must have had a tough time deciding. Shilpa Sharma of Jaypore also shared her entrepreneurial journey.

And then the stage was cleared for Kanchana Banerjee who steered the much awaited topic of the day! Come On!! Didn’t we all say ‘Oh Yesss’ to that?

Kiran Manral, Vithika Yadav, Sanjay Balasundaram, Dr Nupur Gupta, the panelists, collectively agreed that the brain is the sexiest organ! As simple as that!

LensLady Rashmi made certain, we all tucked our mutton-chops in and put our best leg/arm/cheek forward.

With Upasana’s ‘Vote of Thanks’, the day officially wound up.

Kudos to the tireless team that worked hard behind the scenes!

The event flowed flawlessly and seamlessly.

This summit was a much needed shot of oxygen where the extended sisterhood met, networked, laughed and learnt!

More power and unending success to you –  dear GMoMs.

To the dear Core-Committee- Rock-on!