The sun is at its scorching best and all you want to do is stay indoors with your air conditioner running on full blast. Well, we all know that it’s too good to be true as we need to step out of your comfort hub for all kinds of daily chores plus the electricity bill would be a great shocker if you keep the air conditioner on for the entire day.

 So what else can one do to beat this heat and stay cool? Read on for some great and simple hacks to be cool this summer.

Get a pedestal fan or air coolers 

Fans and coolers are a cost effective than air-conditioners. They can be easily moved around. Keep a bowl of ice in front of the fan and feel it transform into a cooler for sure.

Flaunt for summer-friendly haircut 

Difficult, but try it out. Women love long tresses, but to avoid the heat to get on to you, it is better if you can chop them off. Choose from the loads of awesome haircuts that are classy as well as summer-friendly.

Quick Freezer

Want chilled water or soda real fast? Just wrap the bottle with a wet paper towel and put it in the freezer.  It will chill in just 15 minutes.

Spray Yourself Cool

A great hack.All you need is good spray bottle and cold water. Spray it on your face whenever you feel the heat.

Chill with some cool treats
Summer is a time to drink a lot . I’m not referring to alcohol but healthy drinks like juices and fruit punches.It is better if you make them at home instead of buying from the market. Involve your children while making some interesting and delicious drinks.You can also freeze them in ice trays and have them like a Popsicle as well.'Mango or aam-panna , buttermilk or chaach, lassi , rose and orange syrups are some other refreshing options 

Salads would keep you cool

Salads are a good way to hydrate your body in summer. They are not only nutritious and healthy but also help to keep you cool. Also, a no-cooking meal saves on the heat that is generated while cooking.  

Keep it light

Talking about clothes, we all know that light colours absorb less sunlight and keep you cool. The material of the clothing should also be light and thin like cotton or linen. Avoid tight fitting or body hugging attires and opt for those that let the air pass through with ease.

Open your windows in the evening

It’s a good idea to open the windows of your bedroom to allow the air circulation. However, avoid keeping them open for a long time during the day as the warm air will end up heating up your room

Your windows need shades too

Yeah, the way you protect your eyes with sunglasses your windows too need to covered with shades, curtains or blinds if the sun is shining right through them.Choose a fabric and colour that reflects heat and not absorb it to make things worse.

Restrict appliance usage

Kitchen appliances really heat up the air around. Try to cut down the usage of gas stoves, mixers, and microwaves.It is also important to unplug them as well all the other electrical gadgets, when not in use. When you use a gas stove or oven for cooking, it can substantially heat up your home

Use Cotton bed sheets

Cotton is a material that breathes. Opting for cotton bed sheets is a wise idea and it helps lower your body heat by proper air circulation. If your room is air-conditioned then you can use other materials as well but avoid using very thick bed sheets.

Hydration is essential

To stay away from dehydration and exhaustion from heat in summer it is essential to drink plenty of water. The more water you can drink, the better it would be for you. Always keep a bottle of water handy.

A wet towel can do the trick

Yes, a simple one. Just hang a wet towel on your window. Keep the air in room circulated with the help of the fan. The water in the towel will cool the breeze when it evaporates. Do keep a check on the towel and wet it again once it dries.

Take good care your pulse points

Ankles, knees, wrists, temples & elbows are considered to be the pulse points as the blood vessels are nearest to the skin in these points. Keep these points cool by cold towels. It can help lowering your body temperature the same way cold compresses are used at the times of fever. You also pour water directly on these areas to reduce the heat and feel refreshed

Practice this breathing exercise

Yoga helps you beat the heat too. Sheetali Pranayama can help reduce your body temperature .Curl your tongue and breathe in through your mouth. Then slowly exhale from your nose and feel the difference with Sheetali Pranayama.

Aloe-vera Ice cubes to the rescue

You are bound to get sunburns in this heat. Make aloe-vera ice cubes at home and rub them on the sunburns to cool them.

Freeze Cups & Glasses

Keep glasses & cups in the freezer in order to get an ice-cold drink whenever required. These glasses will help in cooling the drink faster

Soak your feet & hands

Get a relief from the heat by soaking your hands & feet in cold water or running them through water for a few seconds.You will surely feel refreshed


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