We know how it is – sometimes when we’re just trying our best to stay fresh and active, but the world conspires against us!

So when GurgaonMoms in association with Tetley Green Tea asked our members to share a story about a moment when they were on a diet or a health routine but couldn’t help going all out and indulging themselves – we got some funny and interesting entries. Here are some of them including the 3 winning entries

Kanika Kush

“6 days back. Hehe. I’m perpetually on a diet and was off sugar for more than 50 days. God help me! Anyways, went for a vacation with family, and for lunch, dessert was served too. And… Here it comes…….. Lip smacking crunchy, more than heaven jalebi and rabri. Like, are you kidding me, you up there. It was a sign… Yes, it was. I gobbled a portion that could have fed the entire population of Iceland. Hehe, no guilt either. Hehe.”

Shailja Narita S **Winning Entry**

” Not exactly on a diet but I was put on a restricted diet as I had to undergo a c-section (cesarean)at the time of my second child’s birth…I was asked to only eat the light meal provided by the hospital….but doctor proposes Shailja disposes…hahaha…my taste buds were craving for a pizza hence I started mollycoddling my hubby into getting me a pizza packed ..when he refused bluntly considering the strict orders of the doctor…I started displaying all the hidden talent of a perfect drama queen in me….my dialogues were…”what if something happens to me during the operation….what will you tell your child that your mommy died starving for a pizza…how would you be able to ever face yourself…sirf ek pizza hi toh hai ”
Haha, n behold it worked…he got me a medium sized pizza which I relished greedily without Sharing a single slice with him..sigh..I had to pay a huge price of embarrassment post surgery when my doctor scolded me for not paying any heed to her advice……but trust me I will never forget that pizza…the taste lingers on in my mouth still.”

Meenakshi Sharma **Winning Entry**

“It was another Karwa Chauth and I was in Goa on a work trip. My husband surprised me and joined me in the afternoon and was by my side when we sighted the moon at 9 pm. We decided to check out the hotel buffet as I was starving and couldn’t dream of ordering and waiting. I picked a plate and headed to the first counter and picked a huge piece of grilled fish and devoured it at the counter while my husband helpfully clicked a picture and posted on our family Whatsapp group with the caption….breaking the KC fast! It’s one of the sweetest                                               memories and a standing joke how my puritanical fasting turned into a seafood fiesta.”


Manisha Goyal Mahajan ** Winning Entry**  

“I got diagnosed with diabetes three years ago, I was on this high to reverse it, which I was able to in four months. This high continued for it was to prove a point to myself, that “Yes, I can totally sustain it.”
A year later, I was tired of this constant drama of eating right and exercising. I tried my hands at various diabetic stuff and multiple forms of fitness routines. It always felt that a sword was hanging on me. I had become paranoid about the whole routine and all I could think about was the correct Hba1c.
Now three years have passed and I have my moments of indulgence. The one thing which I have realized is that these are the moments which matter the most because they let me move away from the routine. They fill me with joy and give me a chance to not deviate from the systematic daily life.
I love to go out for an extensive lunch with family and friends, where I eat heartily. My balancing is weekly and not daily and also, I don’t beat myself up now.
For my occasional at home sins, I have some raisins and I have recently discovered a bite-sized chocolate ice cream from Havmore.
My learning here is that do not look at these moments of indulgence as a blob on your canvas. Just keep painting the bigger picture. The icing on the cake is that that the sugars are still in control.”

So does consuming green tea really help? Let’s look at some of its benefits 

  • Green Tea increases fat burning and improves physical performance
  • It has powerful antioxidants known as ‘flavonoids’ that help protect our bodies from harmful free radicals.  There is ongoing research across the world looking into the positive health benefits of flavonoids such as EGCG found in tea.
  • Multiple studies show that green tea drinkers have a lower risk of various types of cancer.
  • Drinking tea is a great way to help keep your body hydrated.  About 70% of the body is made up of water and this level can be affected by water lost through perspiration or as water vapour when breathing and talking
  • All teas (black, green & herbal) standalone are not a good source of nutrients. When consumed without milk or sugar/honey, it does not contribute to calorie content thus, making tea an ideal everyday drink especially for those looking to maintain the desired weight
  • The bio-active compounds in green tea can have various protective effects on the brain. They may reduce the risk of both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, the two most common neurodegenerative disorders.