Valentine’s Day is the day of love and a great day for self-love too. So even if are not into celebrating this day, we have curated some great Valentine’s Day nail art ideas to show your nails some love and care. 

Go All Mushy & Cute 

Get Nailed Luxury Nail Bar shares some beautiful and cute Valentin’s day nail art designs for nails of every shape. 

Choose from french-tipped heart nails, acrylic hearts, logo nails to even cute cartoon nails.You may also experiment with various colours and not just stick to the reds and pinks 

Not Just Hearts 

The day is not just about hearts. If you are someone who doesn’t want to go all mushy then you can experiment with various other colors and designs. Here are some beautiful Valentine’s Day nail art ideas by Let’s Nail It 

 French tip nails, metallic or ombre and gradient shades are also very popular


Some other Valentine’s Day Nail Art trends that you can follow