Does buying organic really create a huge dent in your pocket? Is organic only for the 'elite' class, and unaffordable to the middle class? While there is a price difference between organic and conventional foods, it's not as scary as it's made out to be. Sometimes it's even cheaper than the food from the fancy stores we get our home delivery done from! We've compiled a list of prices from 3 organic brands, and compared them to prices of conventional brands in the market… do go through and clear your doubts!

This list aims to provide a comparision between different organic brands and a general conventional brand.

  24 Letter MantraNavdanyaMorarkaNon Organic
ProductPackaged weightPrice (Rs.)Price (Rs.)Price (Rs.)Price (Rs.)
Wheat Flour/ Atta5 kg235225149115
Bengal Gram Flour/ Besan1 kg901204080
Maida500 gxx2226
Wheat Sooji500 gxx2624
Basmati Premium Brown Rice1 kg1651108091
Basmati Premium White Rice1 kg1641109987
Rice Parmal1 kgxx4732
Chickpeas Split/ Chana Dal500 g46503038
Black Chickpeas/ Kala Chana500 g41452538
Arhar/ Toor500 g44606152
Kali Masoor500 g44505738
Laal Masoor500 g44606040
Rajma500 g76808987
Green Pulse Split/ Moong Chilka500 g46735752
Green Pulse Whole/ Moong Sabut500 g42655153
Moong Dhuli500 g46754844
Chickpea/ Kabuli Chana500 g50455062
Urad Chilka500 g46576045
Kaali Urad Sabut500 g46555040
Mustard Oil/ Sarsoon1 ltr145155130125
Groundnut Oil/ Moongphali1 ltr189#300180180
Clarified butter/ Ghee1 kgx727499320
Red Chilly powder/ Laal Mirch100 g323821.220
Turmeric Powder/Haldi100 g19453732
Coriander Seed/ Dhaniya100 g27271318
Cinnamon/ Daalchini100 g69463644
Whole Red Chilly/ Laal Mirch100 g31371826
Mustard Big/ Sarsoon100 g1481210
Fenugreek/ Methidana100 g18201424.5
Black Sesame/ Kala Til100 gxx2622
White sesame/ Safed Til100 g17211922
Carom Seeds/ Ajwain100 g22503028
Cumin seeds/ Jeera100 gx373125
Flaxseeds/ Alsi Beej250 gx50x52
Bay Leaf Whole/ Tej patta20  gmx20710
Flattened Rice/ Poha (atukul)500 g311004037
Wheat Porridge/Daliya500 gx503025
Puffed Rice/ Murmurey500 g31x3222
Honey/ Shehed250 g11511010095
Supherless Sugar500 g50xx25
Jaggery/ Gud500 gx454234
Green Tea100 gx81x170
Almonds/ Badaam100 g89.5906665
Raisins/ Kishmish100 g27503535
Cashew whole/ Kaju100 g608095105
Pickles (Mango/ lime/ ginger/ etc)500 g 140x158
Psyllium Husk/ Isabgol50 g39.5x2752
wheat/ salty jeera cookies
250 gx80 160
Paapad250 gx608238




@ Conventional Pickles considered are from the Sanjeev Kapoor's range of pickles

# Cold pressed oil

x Product not available currently

Please Note:
* Prices are updated as on 20.10.11, the prices of both conventional/ organic produce may change without notice.
* Some products have been adjusted for weight/ price to provide a fair comparision.
* The conventional brands considered include Rajdhani, Grahini, MDH, Nature Fresh, and other brands. The median pricing has been considered.
* Yes! Sometimes, organic products CAN be less expensive than conventional goods.