A lamp doesn’t speak, it simply introduces itself through its light.
Achievers never expose themselves, but their achievements speak for them!
All children are unique and beautiful in their own way. But sometimes, their extraordinary efforts and achievements can completely blow us away. Achievement doesn’t mean only academics … it means doing something meaningful that has a monumental effect on us.
On the occasion of Children’s Day, we at GurgaonMoms would like to applaud and celebrate some of the extraordinary achievements of our members’ children.
Sakeena Verma’s children turned a movie night into a full blown theater experience. How exciting is that !
Post Source : Gurgaon Foodie
Sushree Chaudhuri’s son Debarghya is a very creative teenager who loves to express through his art. He is on Autism spectrum but that does not define him…. his expression does. Debarghya, we all are so proud of you!
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Rashmi Aggarwal’s is a proud mother of two children. Her younger son, Pranav has down syndrome. But that does not define him, his incredible art does. His artwork has also been displayed internationally. ‘Pannu’ as everyone lovingly calls him at home, we all are so proud of you!!
Monika Yadav is a proud mother of 3 boys and they do not believe in stereotypes. They dance, work, sing, do household chores together. Here Monika is sharing a beautiful rangoli made by her younger son Luv.
Balambika Hariharan has shared a beautiful video of her daughter narrating poetry. Tisya loves to read and her mother hopes that this bonding continues. We hope the the same for her!!
We all want the best for our children and encourage them always. Sometimes, success in not always in grades and academics. It is so much more.