Karuna had fallen in love. She was on top of the world, having garnered a feeling that she had finally found someone who would love her to the moon and back.
Sid,short for Shashank,was all that she had wished for.They had common interests and similar families.

Both were well known in their respective fields and it was kind of obvious that the children would eventually take on the mantle and be directors.
It was a fairytale wedding in a castle in Versailles.The honeymoon was a trip to the choicest of locales.

Karuna made herself busy in renovating the farmhouse,where the couple would be staying. She was already in the family way having conceived in the first fifteen days.
She had all the liberty to do up the house and for this she would travel to places all over. For she wanted her abode to be the talk of all the glossies,with her posing in one of the ornate heirloom chair.
Life was idyllic as Sid would shower her with solitaires and the works.

Her entire family doted on her,because she was beautiful,soft spoken and ever ready to help. Since,Sid did not have a sister,his Mom looked for everything in Karuna and pampered her like a daughter she never had.
Her first born was named after Sid's great grandfather,Ashok,which was thought to be ideal as it was after all an emperor's name. And,of course,when we name our offspring,we expect that the destiny attached to that name would also befall on them.
A first born,a son,was enough to secure Karuna's place in the family. After all,the lineage had been secured.

All talks of her handling her father's business had stopped. Whether she was an Ivy League grad also,did not matter anymore. 
One day,after the usual heated discussion,Karuna went into her room, unable to take the pressures of the plastic smiles and called the police and her brother,who was her soulmate.

Upon the arrival of both,she sat calmly and gave her statement:

"She had been punched, humiliated and raped every single day,since the first night and was not spared even in the full term of her pregnancy."
She bared herself to show her bruises,as she had the guts to bare her soul.

No reason was given,as to why Sid would do this. This was just his way of satiating his need,like one fills one's stomach with food. The need to control and make the other a slave.

Get up. Climb up the very wall which is a barrier.