Adidas, the world’s leading sportswear brand and also one of the foremost innovators in its field, has always been synonymous with encouraging you to unleash your creativity and achieve beyond what you thought you were capable of. To further promote this, adidas launched a worldwide campaign earlier this year which stressed the brand’s thrust for creativity while simultaneously pushing the boundaries in sport. In continuance with this pursuit of building on creativity along with pursuing excellence in sport, but now for the young ones, adidas has come up with #ADIDASBYME in association with KidZania, a global Indoor theme park, for an exciting and fun learning activity this summer.

adidas has called out all the young and budding athletes, creators, engineers, makers, dreaming designers and innovators to bring their powerful and creative minds together and reinvent the footwear design. Young kids in the age group of 4-16 years have a great opportunity of even being the Chief Shoe Designer – where they get a chance to put on their creative caps and come up with their very own adidas shoe by designing their own patterns, choosing colours and even customizing the shoe with their name; thus, building their own shoe-story with adidas. The primary aim of #ADIDASBYME is to handhold the children in the pursuit of their passion and provide them a challenge which invigorates their creativity and innovative skills, thus positively channelizing their energy and unique imagination

adidas believes that young children are the best source for new and creative designs as well as innovative ideas for creating the shoes of the future. They bring with them fresh and out of the box thinking and it is these unconventional ideas that will help us break the mould and provide our customers with a path-breaking and innovative design and make a distinct mark in the market. #ADIDASBYME is a win-win situation for both adidas and the kids, who get a platform and encouragement to innovate and present their ideas. This will also encourage them to keep pursuing their dreams in designing and innovating and not just keep treading the beaten track.

Children can participate by visiting Kids can also enter by visiting KidZania Delhi NCR till June 30th 2017, at the #ADIDASBYME event and submit their entries. The winner gets his/her shoe creation turned into reality by adidas and also wins gift vouchers from adidas & KidZania. The winning shoe will also be displayed at select adidas stores and at KidZania.

adidas hopes that all the kids from all across the country will take this once in a lifetime opportunity to create their best do-it-yourself, unique and personalized sneakers.