The last week of February and the first week of March, I just feel like a spoilt kid with everyone trying to get my attention 🙂

Brands vying against each other, trying too hard to make us cry, with their tear jerker commercials. Restaurants, salons & pubs throwing away irresistible deals. Speeches and articles extolling women achievers & talking about women empowerment [This is much needed though!]

Some of us ask, why celebrate Women’s Day ? I would say , let this day be a reminder that we as a society, still have unfinished work.. and we shall work relentlessly till there comes a day, when celebrating Women’s Day becomes ‘not required’.

What does a Woman of 2018 have to be ?

It means I will be a ‘Warrior of Change‘. We may be one of the few lucky ones where gender equality is a reality at home [or maybe not! ]. But look around you , there still exists oppression, exploitation and discrimination against women. It is upto each one of us to make a change in the small spaces that we can. Talk about it, empower your kids, empower your helps and ensure you are making a change because YOU ARE THE WARRIOR OF CHANGE.

Any warrior means discipline. What are some of the attributes each one of us must wear to bring about this change

  1. Be a Trailblazer : Ensure your voice is heard. Stand tall and speak loud
  2. Be Firm : Stand against the sexist forwards in the guise of jokes & fun content. Unfortunately not many people realise the sexist innuendos hidden inside such messages. We have been conditioned to think in a way. So let us change that.
  3. Be ready to work hard : This is not going to be an easy journey. To bring about a change and to change mindsets, sustained efforts and hard work is required. We owe that to ourselves and the future generations.
  4. Learn to let go : Learn to delegate, share responsibilities and find more time for oneself
  5. Have Personal Finances sorted

In this context, my friend Upasana shared this ad campaign giving out a clear call to #Uncelebrate. Isnt this the mood today? Do you agree ?