ARIES Mar 21-April 20)

Lucky Colours: Cream/Baby Pink/ Royal Blue

Lucky Days: Friday/Saturday

This is not the best month to initiate any travel plans. Chances of discomfort/accident or a vehicle breakdown cannot be ruled out. Stay on the right side of the law under all circumstances.

Stay away from people who spend their time talking about others in an evil manner. You can do without such negativity and these people will be happy to drag you into an unwanted controversy with ease.

There are financial gains from business and self-efforts. You will be working harder than usual and remain busier than usual too.

Some of you may participate in a religious ceremony or undertake a much-desired pilgrimage. Both the activities will be beneficial.

Personal relationships could improve considerably as you are more understanding towards the needs of your partner.

Members of the same sec could harbor jealousy towards you and your success. Be careful in your dealings. Don’t be quick to get snappy and angry. Peace of mind is your key to good health.

Health Concerns: Sinus/Cold and cough/ Eye and Teeth trouble/ stomach pain / overreacting

TAURUS April 21- May 20)

Lucky Colour: Brown/Blue/Purple

Lucky days: Sunday/Monday

It’s in your best interest to make peace with all your emotional troubles and traumas from the past and look at ways to improve things.

Your self-efforts would increase in almost all spheres of your life. The area where it will bring the best results is your love life and your relationship with your partner.

Siblings will be a source of peace as some kind of harmony is achieved in your associations. Negative thinking may become a deterrent in moving forward.

Some of you could be seriously considering a job change or a move. Alternately a work-related travel may not work well as you miss being with your family.

Don’t have too many expectations from your friends and acquaintances. Be prepared for a betrayal of sorts. It could also be that a close friend of yours could be struggling in his/her personal life.

Not the best month to spend on frivolous things. Legal matters may cause stress and so does the health of your mother.

Health Concerns : Digestion/ Gall Bladder/Liver/body aches/diabetes / negative thinking

GEMINI  May 21-June 21)

Lucky Colour: Yellow / White/ Pink

Lucky Days: Monday/ Fridays

This is a good month for romance and romantic endeavors as you could be inundated with soft signs. Your dedication and love towards your partner will be much appreciated and understood by the person concerned.

The same cannot be said about the married life though. Either your partner is suffering from undiagnosed ill health or you both are temperamentally on the opposite ends of a spectrum.

Shopping beckons and so does travel. Not advisable but as long as you don’t be extravagant, a minor indulgence here and there is alright.

There could be substantial gains from your mother/land and vehicle.

This is a month where you must watch your speech and conduct at all times. Your words carry weight and your social presence is being watched and judged 24/7.

Importers and exporters will do well. Those in the food business will need to be better at marketing if they want their brilliant ideas to be implemented in real life.

New associations may be formed. It’s a socially rocking time for you.

Health Concerns : Headaches/ Backache/ swelling in the eyes/toothache / over sensitive

CANCER June 22-July 22)

Lucky Colour: Silver Grey/ White/ Orange

Lucky Days: Sunday/Monday/Friday

Some of you could be experiencing confusion regarding a new job or line of work that you have chosen. Maybe your higher-ups are not in sync with your way of thinking, therefore the dilemma.

Associates and social acquaintances could harbor feelings of negativity towards you and it may just show up every now and then.

Personal life and personal relationships would do much better than before. Maybe some of you have realized the importance of keeping your private life private. The health of your spouse could definitely be a cause for concern.

Those of you who are nursing a broken heart may come across someone who seems to be a Godsent. Don’t be quick to jump to conclusions, good or bad. Give this time and energy and this could be the relationship that you always needed.

You may receive unconditional support from your family, especially a sibling and mother.

Travel is best avoided unless absolutely necessary.

Health Concerns : Diabetes/ hypertension/ gynae or bladder trouble/ spine / overthinking/ restless sleep

LEO July 23- Aug 23)

Lucky Colours: Red/Orange/Off White

Lucky Days: Tuesday/Friday

It’s ok to want your zone and space sometimes but it’s not ok to alienate your loved ones in the process. You will be quick to anger and your moodiness may rub others badly.

Don’t let the feeling of competitiveness take over your rational thinking. You are a born helper. Celebrate the success of others with a generous spirit.

New friendships are best avoided and you could be disappointed with certain developments on the social front. Some of the so-called friends may have a negative agenda.

It’s the perfect time to sit down and formulate long-term business plans. Most of those will materialize much to your happiness.

Travel will add to your mounting expenditure. Another area of expenditure is your home affairs. Sleep patterns could be majorly disturbed and if you don’t check this it will show on your physical health and appearance. Don’t kill your productive hours following lazy habits.

A sudden bad news from your extended circle of family or friends could cause sadness.

Health Concerns: Eye/Teeth/Cold/Sneezing/laziness

VIRGO Aug 24- Sep 23)

Lucky Colours: Red/Yellow/Grey

Lucky Days: Monday/Thursday

It’s best to match the speed of the world if you wish to make any breakthroughs in your work and life in general.

Being socially active is good but if it’s fruitless associations that you are spending your time on, then it’s just such a waste of time.

That said, party invitations keep pouring in. Pick the ones which contribute towards business networking as well. Exercise utmost caution while speaking a wrong word said could be held against you.

Opportunities abound at work. The onus is on you to recognize the good ones and work your hardest best to use it to your best advantage.

Have no preset notions on how you can handle your work. Be willing to listen to advice and learn.

It’s also recommended that you be particularly understanding towards the needs of those who work for you. If not, it could lead to a rebellion of sorts.

Health Concerns : Acidity and heartburn/Headaches/ Anger/ Gynae and bladder issues/ diabetes

LIBRA Sep 24- Oct 23)

Lucky Colours: Red/Black/Off-White

Lucky Days: Tuesday/Thursday

This is a time when you will be in the middle of a lot of social activity. So much so that you are moving faster than is necessary and in the process alienating some well-meaning friends. Make enough efforts to improve your existing bonds before you spread your wings.

There are long-term gains from overseas endeavors. However, keep up the required efforts as things may not necessarily fall into your plate. You will have to work for it.

There are moderate financial gains from business. It gets better most definitely in the second half of the month. So no worries there.

The spouse could face ill health briefly. That said it seems like you both are in better harmony with each other as a certain talk has done the relationship well. Initiate more dialogue and handle it softly.

Chances of a new lover look bright. Those having children will be very proud of their achievements and will plan for their better future.

Health Concerns: stomach disorder/ skin and gynae trouble /body aches and pains/ health of a parent

SCORPIO Oct 24- Nov 22)

Lucky Colours: Red / Black / Grey

Lucky Days: Tuesday/Saturday

Romance blossoms for some of you. That said there is an unsaid concern which you are unable to handle. Married people still have a few unresolved issues which you may have pretty much brushed under the carpet for now.

Do take note that your spouse could be contemplating a life-changing move without your consent. So open a dialogue before it’s too late.

You could be worried sick about the future if your child/ children and feel rather helpless.

Don’t use harsh words to put your point across. You are heard well enough even if you speak in a balanced way. Some of you could be visiting a religious place. A trip yes, but not necessarily a satisfying one.

Those of you experiencing a feeling of detachment would actually be overthinking your way to ill health.

What’s good is your performance at work. Some big plans might be brewing for the future. Stay focused and this could be a turning point in your career.

Health Concerns : sleep deprived/ thyroid/ throat troubles / pain in the limbs

SAGITTARIUS  Nov 23- Dec 21)

Lucky Colours: Brown/ Yellow/ Peach

Lucky Days: Sunday / Thursday

It’s a good month for you. Actually, it’s a better month than the ones before. So find no reason to get angry or snappy at anyone at all. Watch your words and acquire enough tact to win people over to your side with love and positive attitude.

Your family is fully supportive of you and your endeavors. You will need to pay heed to their advice as it’s all well-meaning. You are assertive and progressive in your thinking and that’s your most positive point.

There are gains from landed property and a gift from mother. You will also be in a better state of mind. Love life improves for those who have recently found a partner for themselves.

Professionally speaking your hard-working nature is appreciated by your boss and even if you are seeking a change in your line of work, you will come with good recommendations. It’s a good time to acquire property or put one up for rent if you are looking.

Health Concerns: Throat/ Headaches/ forehead injury/ injury from fire and sharp-edged instrument

CAPRICORN Dec22– Jan 21)

Lucky Colours: Grey/Cream/Blue

Lucky Days: Monday / Friday

Parents will offer unconditional love and support and it’s time you seriously considered listening to their well-meaning advice. It’s best not to run after the materialistic pleasures of life at the cost of ignoring your fundamental duties.

There will be enough travel opportunities and the inclination to indulge. All it will lead to is an excessive expenditure. Still, if you feel the need to head out for a change, keep the holiday rather short.

Your best efforts to improve your work prospects work but in bits and parts. What’s lacking is a goal, so the path is unclear. You cannot be a ‘me too’ in the business and expect it to be a roaring success. And if in a business, the clients cannot just be your family and friends.

Fitness will rule your mind as you take decisive measures to check your weight issues. This will also take care of your overall health. So keep up the good work and work your hardest best.

Health Concerns: Gynae troubles/ overweight/ bile issues/ pain or injury to the leg or feet/ backache

AQUARIUS ( Jan 22- Feb 19)

Lucky Colours: Pink/Yellow/Peach

Lucky Days: Thursday/Friday

Some of you may need to take business-related travel. Even though the end result will be conducive yet the journey part of the travel may lead to excessive fatigue and low mood.

It seems like a long-held desire is about to take shape. That’s the positive in this month. Don’t shy away from visiting a holy place. Not only will it bring you abundant peace of mind, it will also be beneficial in mending stressful relationships.

Avoid being arrogant in your speech. Luck is favoring you so there is no need to be annoyed at little irritating factors. Some of you will need to pay special attention to the needs of your siblings. Don’t be hard-hearted even if you have unresolved issues with them.

It’s a good idea to spend time doing things that you like. For eg. reading/writing/photography.

A parallel source of income could open up soon. Financial gains are a constant so there is no need to worry on that account.

Health Concerns : Mood swings / feeling of loneliness/ skin troubles/ Headaches/ weak eyesight

PISCES Feb 20 – Mar 20)

Lucky Colours: Pink/Red/Purple

Lucky Days: Monday/Tuesday

This month do take strict remedial measures to not let negative thinking cloud your vision and way of working. Don’t stress too much about what could have been. Some of you may participate in a reunion of sorts. Your family could also visit you could head out on a short vacation to visit family. So travel opportunities do show up.

There is a need to pay attention to the needs of your spouse. Too much neglect may cause emotional distancing which can be the hardest to bridge. Work on giving more care and love.

Friends and social life will present opportunities as it has been before too. Exercise discretion in picking the ones whom you can blindly trust. Not the best time to form new bonds.

You could also be particularly sensitive to what others say or do. Even a slight twitch of the eyebrow will not go unnoticed. Let nothing spoil your mood. It’s just a month when a Piscean thinks way too much.

Professionally your work builds up slow and steady. Maintain your customer retaining skills and you should be fine.

Health Concerns : Gall bladder/ Liver/ Hair loss/ headaches/ confusing thoughts