Clean and Clear spaces increase your productivity and relieve stress:

The secret sauce here is – the less mess you have, the less you have to clean up over and over again and the more you can channel your energies into things that you are passionate about pursuing. Keeping your space clean and clear of roadblocks also invites more positive ‘chi’ or energy flow throughout your space and you’ll notice the changes in these areas almost instantly. Needless to say, a clean and organized home or office space is also a major stress reliever as you will be more relaxed and creative and even clearer minded without being distracted with junk around you.

 Contribute to your community:

Sometimes it can be very difficult and hard to let go of things, especially stuff that you have had for a long period of time, as to whether, you really use it or not, it just feels familiar. When you take stock and do an honest assessment of your belongings, you will soon realize that most of these familiar things have served their purpose for your needs and it’s probably ready to be passed along to serve another needy individual or family that would appreciate and welcome your kind and generous gesture in their hour of need. Donations are a great way to lift-up the communities in need.

You will become more grateful:

To quote Michelangelo, “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free". This has a striking resemblance to your over cluttered and messed up the environment and just as Michelangelo stated, if only you can eliminate the things that you don’t like or use frequently anymore, that’s when you can finally see the few things that you love and enjoy. Another side-effect of adopting this idea is that you might just feel lighter, brighter and happier. It’s also a very humbling and grateful experience.

Teach your children to appreciate their possessions:

Two effective ways that children learn things at an early age are by listening to what is being said to them and secondly by observing what the adults around them are doing. Anyone that has little ones running around the house knows all too well how quickly the kiddie toys and paraphernalia accumulate and before you know it, the paraphernalia has become a bottomless pit and an ever growing pile of mess. Spending some time with your little cutie-pies and allowing them to help you select and pick out toys or clothes, etc. that they have either outgrown or don’t care for anymore, is a great way to teach them to listen to their inner voice and feelings while learning to hone in on what is important to them and what they love. Kids also then tend to value and appreciate the few things that they selected to retain for themselves. Usually, when kids are taught to donate to someone in need, they do a better job than adults as they are large hearted in their contributions and offer the items with a pure and good heart and intention.

If you’re ready, willing and committed to achieving any of the above-listed results, please feel free to join me at any of the upcoming workshops. Workshop details noted below: