I wrote this on way to a meeting. Random words filled my head as I scrolled through Gurgaon Moms. It was just another page I ‘liked’ but then came a turning point. Many months back, there was a post on Gurgaon Moms where a lady was missing her mom’s house (or ‘peka’, as she put it in Punjabi). Within hours, so many women opened their homes & hearts, promising uninterrupted naps and love laden comfort food; just like ‘peka’. (Damn, I felt tempted to fake it and cash on the offers … LOL … but I did not). This post was so heart-warming that I started following the other posts and got hooked for good. Maybe it is a sense virtual anonymity or genuine involvement, which makes people participate much more than one ordinarily would. But hey Gurgaon Moms, Sisterhood never had it so good!

Sisterhood never had it so good

Voices of reason

A balance of views

Virtual kinship

And creative hues

Agree to disagree

Discuss, debate, opine

Lend a hand

Advice, encourage

Help grow a spine

Regressive hushed

Progressive, go shine


Sisterhood never had it so good

Baby’s blister

Gift for the Mister

Falling hair

Braless joys

Marriage mode

Cookery cheat-code

Movie critique

Tongue in cheek

Nothing’s trivial or taboo

Big yes to openness


Sisterhood never had it so good

Gender unity

Age, marital status, region, religion

Be damned


Lament, vent

Rant, befriend

Scold, tell off

Share, rave

Complain, explain

Laugh, cry

Buy, sell, and seek

Enquire, admire

Follow your heart

Introspect, inspire


Sisterhood never had it so good