“Ma’am let me have a look at your skin….only then we shall be able to decide the kind of facial you need”…the lady in charge on the salon gave her Verdict.

Next few mins she examined her face from left to the right, right to the left, from forehead to chin…n then back to the forehead…she even placed her thumb n forefinger on her cheeks and narrowed her eyes….cringed her nose albeit as a sign of deep thinking…then rubbed her index finger around her chin while giving one last x-ray gaze ….

Next few minutes were as long as the last few moments a father spends outside the OT while his wife is bringing the “hell-let-me-reschedule-your-sleep-pattern -and -screw-your peace” ..device into this world ??…

“Ma’am how old are you if I may ask?” she asked gently…..
“Well I am 60 and I understand your dilemma…, yes my dear am blessed with good skin…I don’t need any facials but this is just to pamper myself hence I am here at your disposal “the guinea pig in the disguise of this lady said with a certain calm……

“Wow Ma’am, must I say you sure are blessed….” and next few minutes she went on and on explaining the kind of facial she was to give her.

Her friend who had accompanied her for a spa also showed signs of admiration for her skin……

After an hour of relaxation and rejuvenation…..these two ladies stepped out and her friend gave a whack on her arm…

“Are you nuts…..women lie about their age…they always trim down few years….or comfortably forget few summers from their life span…..why the hell did you add so many chapters of spring seasons into the book of your life my dear….you are just 45 why did you say 60?????????”

She had the twinkle of a mischievous kid and the excitement of a teenager when she answered her friend’s query…..
“Had I said I am 45, she would have said all depressing things about my skin….which I am already aware of and she would have suggested me a skin lifting facial anyway…so what’s the harm in telling a small, sweet and harmless lie and save yourself from all the mental trauma …….
Btw I loved the facial…and the bonus as well…”

“What bonus are you talking about…I got none..” her friend complained.

“The facial, the admiration in her eyes and the best was the envious glances that all the 60plus present in the salon stole the moment I announced my age”

She burst out into an uproarious laughter………

“You wicked woman……” her friend nudged her…while both walked towards the car.-

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