“Why ain’t you having anything ?” asked the mother-in-law to the newly married bride of her son …
A tempting lavish food was displayed on the dining table, each dish looked sinfully delicious luring you to take a spoonful and satiate your taste buds ..
The aroma of spices, the holy smell of pure ghee ..was causing a riot within …
Everyone seemed to be enjoying the meal but the newly married daughter in law ..
“You don’t like what I cook right? Tell me what kind of food you like , shall prepare that with love my child “she asked lovingly ..
“Mom I had seeker for something from God and prayed that if it comes true, I shall sacrifice food for a day ? “

“Ah am so glad to know that you are a religious-minded girl ..but don’t torture yourself with unnecessary fasting “
She said affectionately

She was sitting in her room toying around with her WhatsApp messages when her father-in-law knocks at the door …
“Which god did you pray to ? Angie kassabie?” he had a mischievous smile on his face ..

“Err..papa I didn’t get it ?”

“But I did ..I know how religious you are … my son told me all about you ..come on you little brat, you are off carbs ain’t you?
Here -take this protein shake ..have brought it hiding from the pry eyes of your mother- in-law ..gulp it down before she sees it “
He handed her over a shaker full of protein shake ..

Both of them burst out laughing …

“But how do you know ?” she asked with her eyes wide opened ..“Who says that only mother knows it all ..some dads break the stereotype too “ and once again the room was filled with their harmonious cachinnation