If you live in Gurgaon and have kids under the age of 6, the likely question that pops up every weekend is – where do we go out for lunch?

For those without kids, this isn’t a question one asks while leisurely sipping tea and reading the newspaper, simultaneously thinking of the three new summer dresses in the cupboard wondering which one is best suited for a brunch with friends. This is the harried question of a mom who cannot think of what to cook for yet another meal and is simultaneously remembering how sheepishly she had to apologize for letting the kids run amok and destroy half the furniture of that new restaurant, all so she could have wine in peace.

Well, the options are as few as the nights you get 8 hours of sleep on, in a week. Most places, including the ones in Cyberhub, are made for well-mannered European kids who will sit in one place and enjoy a 5-course meal with the right cutlery. For those of you who have brats like mine (who are going to be up for adoption soon, though I might find few takers after this) know that either you have a nanny, or you have an arrangement that one parent gets to have a decent meal while the other chases after the kids.

So it is with much delight and after much research that I introduce to you 3 places that we have loved.

  • Café Soul Garden. Located just behind Supermart 2 in DLF 4, this is a lovely café with indoor and outdoor seating. The outdoor area is large enough for kids’ birthday parties, while the indoor section has interesting board games, jenga tiles and books to keep kids occupied. The menu is continental, the portion size is generous and the flavors keep you coming back for more. It has become our go to place for winter dinners and spring bunches.

Dining at Cafe Soul Garden


Kids' favorite corner at Cafe Soul Garden

  • The Nickelodeon Brunch at the Courtyard Marriott (DLF 4). This recent discovery has us heading back every Sunday. This is a Sunday brunch, on from 12noon to 4pm with enough kid friendly activities and variety of food to take that long over brunch. There is an entire section dedicated to kids complete with a bouncy, trampoline, toys, art & craft area and a delightful lady who can turn ordinary looking balloons into swords. Imagine! If that isn’t enough, Dora, Shiva and Ninja Hattori will be around to meet the kids! My kids are big fans of Dora, so their day was made, as was ours. There was even a special section with a kids’ menu and Nick cartoon themed dishes in the main menu.

The three cartoons

When Dora and Ninja Hattori came to play

  • The Westin Sunday Brunch. Another popular destination with kids, they have a play area with a bouncy, art & craft section, slides and a TT table. The open play area allows for kids to run around while you enjoy the scrumptious meal. The chocolate fountain and a selfie booth set the place apart.