tup1Tupperware is one the world’s leading direct selling companies with the largest women’s network. Tupperware started its operations in 1996 as a premium kitchen ware brand and is slowly moving towards being a complete conservation and culinary brand. It helps making women economically empowered. Mr Earls tupper’s unique ideas and inventions are deeply seeded into minds at Tupperware. Almost 3 million successful sales force members in over 80 countries is a shining example.

As of date Tupperware has to its credit 39 red dot design awards for excellence in product design. It is also recognized as one of the 10 greatest inventions of the 20th century by Guinness book of world records. Company’s success can be attributed to the innovative nature of the products and superior quality. Browny wise started as a Tupperware consultant and it started generated work for women in North America. Tupperware’s highest sale is in Indonesia. It didn’t only put food on table but also roof on the head. Parents were able to send kids to universities. Its Manufacturing plant is in Dehradun (Uttrakhand), 90% products are made in India. It has highest quality score across the world. Their very own signature product Masala Daani is a gift back to the entire world.

Products are made with great insight and research. How people love to cook and live life? We buy groceries but do not know how to store the same. Lazy cooks prefer hands on support and comfort while cooking. We prefer to save time from cooking and spend on spa, having coffee or may be reading a good book. As we all believe heath and taste lives in different world. But Tupperware has blended them together. TUPPERWARE hosted its first ever bloggers meet-Tupperware party! Tupperware party was one of its first unique concepts targeted towards TIME SAVERS RANGE, which is efficient and quick. The 3 signature products include Juice maker JUIST, Smart Chopper and Speedy chef.


tup5Shilpa Ajwani , the Managing director of Tupperware India has a great vision for this growing brand. Mr Chandan Deep Singh Dang is the Marketing Director. Culinary Chef Specialist Ayesha Nallaseth, conducted a few sessions on usage of the 3 below listed signature product recipes from TIME SAVERS RANGE, which included Shrikhand in Vermicilli cup using speedy chef for whipped curd, Fruit cocktail pani puri using Smart chopper for shredding fruits and morning detox juice using JUIST.

SMART CHOPPER- With just a pull of cord, chopping onions, tomatoes, coriander, ginger or mint has become easy and convenient. 288 knife cuts is 15 seconds…..Wow isn’t that amazing

With JUIST, one can make health, fresh, pulpy cold pressed juices. A few twists can give fresh juice made from natural fruits. 
Speedy chef efficiently whips small /large quantities of food. It can beat egg whites, cream and desserts in no time.


Tupperware Blogger Party