"After attending a fellow mom's blind date a few months ago, I was thrilled to meet these lovely people. Add to that, I would get so many comments and personal messages, appreciating my work and asking that when could we meet. " This is Manisha Goyal Mahajan sharing her experience 

"Over this period, I did meet one or two.

Then due to so many engagements, I would just reply with a "Very soon" message.

I posted this meetup on the forum and was overwhelmed with the response. It was a wonderful feeling to know that so many read what I post, whether they comment or not.

The meetup itself was amazing. The camaraderie was lovely and not for once, did anyone get this feeling that they were connecting for the first time. 

Each Mom was a winner in her own right and doing so much with the personal battles, old parents or in laws to look after, small children and what not. 

Whether the Mom's were single or in challenging relationships or happy, each one's story reflected of the warrior in them.

In those cherished moments, one thing stood out. And that was the spirit of womanhood.The spirit to go on. 

The spirit to rise and shine.

This beautiful group is all of this and much more. It is like the ocean, deep, mystical and yet, all encompassing. 

Each one of us has a place. A place where we can express. Find. Explore.

And finally, hold each other's hands.

For a new tomorrow."

Sunali Gaur Anand , another active Gurgaonmom has this to share

"Your Best friend was also  a stranger once !!! 

Blind Date organised by a fellow mom sounded like a perfect way to experience this . 

Dressed in my prettiest pink, smiling and all excited I sashayed to Roots Cafe. 

I was to meet some moms. Some very special moms. Few with whom I had interacted in the forum, others, I had never got a chance to. 

Excited ..was an understatement..!!!

Laughter in the garden cafe drew me to my group of moms . 

Warm smiles, hugs greeted me. 

It was as if I belonged here. Quickly names were exchanged. But I guess even before that our hearts had met. 

With every introduction I realised how we all had so much in common. 

All balancing the various roles given to us in life- A mother, A wife, A daughter. 

Women with dreams for her family . 

However, what was most Soul stirring about this Gurgaon Mom Date for me was that it gave a chance to be just the girl who lives under the cover of all these roles. 

To let go all the other roles and just be Herself. 

A girl who is sometimes forgotten in the nitty gritty of lives ..!!! "


Pics Credits: Narita Narita