In May I was travelling to the US by Lufthansa and as I sat on my seat, I saw this lady sitting next to me, who looked so nervous!I started a conversation and she told me that it was the first time she was travelling alone and that too to the US for her nephews wedding so she was scared and nervous! As we started chatting, she got comfortable and looked little relaxed. Her name is Sheryl Abraham (Keralite Mallu)and she is a dentist in Kochi! So in that 9hours flight, we chatted nonstop, had wine and saw movies and by the time reached Frankfurt we were good friends! At the airport, we roamed around, had coffee, and shopped! She asked for a favour that I should accompany her to the gate as she was going to SFO and I was going to New Jersey! We parted with few pics, exchanging ph nos and a tight hug! After she reached  SFO she sent a lovely TY note and wedding pics! On return to India, we regularly messaged each other and spoke.

Yesterday she visited Delhi for her cousin’s wedding and invited me too and for ONAM she gifted me a beautiful saree! That’s when I realised ‘Few friendships are strange but Special and for lifetime’