There a few things I do every morning, right after I drop the kids for school and before my husband gets up. It’s a narrow window so I only concentrate on the very important. I make a cup of green tea, skim through the headlines and find out what’s happening on GurgaonMoms. Yes, it is that important and you’ll soon understand why.

As I go through all the posts on my favorite Mommy group, I notice a post specifically for soccer moms mentioning a contest- Participate in the Coca-Cola & FIFA quiz and “A chance to click with FIFA U-17 World Cup Winner’s Trophy!” Now my son has just started showing interest in soccer and wants to play the sport as well. My nephew, who lives in Dubai, is the captain of his school team and a great source of inspiration for his cousin brother.  So I am naturally intrigued and wait for the young lad to get home so that we can get cracking.

The contest consists of a Quiz where we have to answer five questions. We searched on good old Google and found our answers. Something that did surprise the young tyke and me is the long-standing association between FIFA and Coca-Cola. They have been together since 1974! The best part of the contest was my son’s (his alone) contribution to this contest. He needed to share who was his favorite player and why? His answer: “Messi. My reasons for liking him are that he is as passionate on the field for the game as he is for important causes off it. He is my role model because he treats everyone with respect even his opponent and that’s why he’s the best!!” Now those are good reasons to admire any player. With all that Messi is going through, I hope he finds some solace in the young man’s answer!

A day later, we get an email stating that we are one of only 50 people who have won the opportunity to get clicked with the U-17 FIFA Cup! Once the screaming died down we waited, unashamedly impatient for the special day to arrive. 30th September, on the auspicious occasion of Dussehra, saw as celebrating twice as much.  This day will be a reminder to our family, that good always triumphs over evil and if there’s a contest and you’re interested then enter it! You could win!

The four of us (my daughter was equally excited), entered the bright and lovely Coca-Cola office and were seated with the other winners. While the trophy was being placed and staged to perfection behind the opaque veil, we were all being royally entertained by the Coca-Cola management team.  Just when we thought we had won it all, a FIFA quiz is announced with a plethora of giveaways that are unreal! From key chains, lap top covers, to footballs and yes, hold on to your shirts….. match tickets! Everyone participated with full enthusiasm. I got to answer a question and as soon as I said the words banana kick, I was handed match tickets for my family! Songs were sung, jokes were cracked and beverages were had at super lightening speeds. The whole informal and interactive session was entertaining, informative and aptly compered by Sameer Pathak.

One would think, this was as good as it was going to get but nope. We finally got to pose with the exquisite trophy, an honor which will now only be given to the Winners of this tournament and the President of our country.  Goosebumps! Our picture was taken, printed and framed and we now had a keepsake for life. The Coca-Cola team left no stone unturned to give the winners a most memorable and brilliant experience. My favorite part, you ask?  Seeing the big smiles on the faces of all the kids present! And of course, the added bonus of getting to watch U-17 FIFA matches- live!

Thank you Coca Cola and GurgaonMoms for this out of the world experience!