Shopping for bras and undergarments is as exciting as finding your dream dress. In Indian trousseau, innerwear has an assigned space and budget; yet, people tend to go wrong.

People usually shop innerwear at the very end. They overlook the importance of undergarments and underestimate the partnership of innerwear and outerwear.

Lingerie is called the foundation piece for a reason. The wedding lingerie can either ruin or enhance the look and mood of your gorgeous wedding. Stakes are high when it comes to bridal fashion; the last thing you want is any visible straps, lumps, lines or discomfort.

So just like you start your cosmetic preparation like skin, hair treatment. Start your wardrobe with innerwear. First and foremost, get your fitting done; ascertain the size and fits. Even if you are at a weight loss programme, understand your body and fits. Though fitting in India is still at its infancy, many brands, individuals and businesses offer service and support.

Let’s divide your wedding wardrobe item wise:


What you wear under your wedding dress has to be in sync with what you are planning to wear at your functions and later. So, take pictures of your wedding dress and other event dresses and show the same to the fitter, especially if you are planning on wearing a saree or lehenga blouse.

The designers or websites may sell you a concept or design that looks fantastic on the model but, your body or bust shape may require modifications to suit your frame.

Indian brides often get blouses pre-made and then try to adjust bras in blouses. Once again, the merit of this is dependent on the body and size.


  • Find a fitter and take an appointment
  • Carry picture/s or pieces of your wardrobe
  • Discuss the front and back neckline.
  • It’s important to discuss the length of the blouse too.
  • If needed, let your dress designer and bra fitter collaborate.


Next is to understand the different bra types and needs. My earlier write up ( on bra types may help you understand better. Let’s look for all bra categories to fill up your wardrobe.

Types of bras

 A Cut and Sew / Basic / Fashion

A cut and sew basic or fashion bra could be your best buy to wear under a saree blouse or any ethnic Indian wear. These traditional cuts offer great lifts and can be found in the fashion category and often found in exciting colours. They are also often referred to as choli cut.


Bridal Innerwear

Picture Credits: Enamor

Tip: This could be your special wedding day bra if paired with matching panty and nightwear. You can carry this later under your ethnic wear.


B Seamless / Padded / Non-padded

Seamless is a definite recommendation for a clean look. In case you are wearing a blouse or outfit that is body-hugging or clingy you could go in for a moulded cup underwire or non-underwire bra.


If your size, body, and comfort allow a padded style, this might be an even better option for you. If padded does not sit well with your attire, stick with non-padded.


Picture Credits: Enamor


C Strapless Bra / Convertible Bra / Multi-strap

The third must is an interchangeable strap, multi-purpose bra, or strapless. These are great options to wear under all kind of outerwear like halters, racerback netted sleeves and shoulder, and in case you are changing attires during an occasion, this will be my go-to bra for all events, as it will provide ease of wear and mind. If you can find one with a transparent back that’s an additional advantage.

Recommend you to buy at least 2-3 colours in it.


Picture Credits: Enamor

Tip: All recommended bras above could be your ideal T-shirt Bra post-wedding.


D. Sleep Comfort Night Bra

You will need a night or a lounge bra. Look for a comfortable non-fuss bra. Though many bra companies offer night bras, they are usually in small cup sizes and hence do not work for all. So look for a moulded cup bra in cotton, modal or breathable polyamide.

E. Sports Bra

As you are keeping your body in shape for the wedding, you will need a sports bra to help you during your activities.

You can choose a sports bra based on your fitness activity. There are usually 3 impact levels of sports that suit various activity types.

Picture Credits: Enamor

Nightwear / Sleepwear / Loungewear

Another important part of your trousseau is Nightwear / Loungewear / Resort wear/home wear.

They all fall under the same umbrella but can easily be divided by their end-use and styling. Just in case you were not aware, Loungewear is NOT the same as sleepwearLoungewear is loose clothing in which one can lounge. This type of clothing can be worn to sleep, but it is intended for lounging around the house and occasionally being worn outside.


1. Honeymoon / Bridal

It’s mostly meant to wear when you are in a romantic or private moment. It’s a primary indicator of seduction. Once again ask your wardrobe advisor to help you pick up what works best for you. Some lengths and shapes might suit your body better than others.

Picture Credits: Enamor

2. Lounge

This is the most misunderstood look as a lot of brands and companies have used this term for nightwear or activewear. This type of clothing can be worn to sleep but it is primarily intended for lounging around the house and occasionally being worn outside.

Picture Credits: Enamor

3. Resort / Holiday / Travel

This is a more relaxed outerwear look. It can be both an indoor and outdoor look, depending on your comfort and occasion. It is different from outerwear because you can easily walk out in it.

Tip: Team it with a Shrug for a resort look, it can become an airport look and with a jacket active or spots look.

Your innerwear wardrobe shopping list



Fashion Bras

2-3 pcs

Can be minimizer or cut and sew and will be great under ethnic wear.

Strapless Multipurpose

2-3/ minimum 1 pcs

Can be great t-shirt bras


Transparent back

Minimum 1 pc

Can be great for formal dresses and lehenga cholis with deep backs


Lounge/ Night Bra

minimum 2pc

Buy all basic colours so that you don’t have to stress on matching with outerwear.

1.A sports bra can be an added asset


Sleepwear/casual wear



3-4 pcs


Try buying different lengths and sleeve types.



3-4 pcs

Again, buy different lengths and cuts



1-2 pcs


Buy neutral or more generic colours


Honeymoon Nightwear or set i.e. Bra + Panty + Night

1-2 pcs




Sports Jacket/Bra





1. Try matching the fashion lacy bras minimum with matching panties and nighties if possible.

2. To add-on, you need a minimum of 4-6 basic panties.

3. Shapewear is optional needed dependent.

Picture Credits: Enamor

This article is by Rashi Seth



Rashi is the founder of ‘Kiraka‘ that fits and sells intimate wear located at Omaxe Celebration Mall on Sohna Road, Gurgaon.
Prior to this, she was a part of the corporate world, and her career spans for around 25 years. She has been a part of organizations like Enamor where


Feature Image and all picture Credits: Enamor