There is a newly opened restaurant Wendy’s at Ninex Mall at Sohna Road. If you don’t know about them, it’s an American chain of burger joints since 1969. First of all it’s a convenient location with ample of parking in the mall basement. It’s very important in a place like Gurgaon where we spend more time looking for a space to park than the restaurant!

There are two entry into the place, one from inside the mall and one from the main foyer area of the mall. Brightly lit, happy smiling faces is what greets you when you reach the restaurant. It’s a fairly large place, didn’t exactly go round counting tables, but has three sections that can sit more than 20 – 25 people in each of them.

burgerNow about the food – they are mainly burgers with variations of potato as side dish option. My vegetarian friends need not fear as there are equal amount of options for them as well. The dishes are fairly priced. A simple burger meal for two will cost you around Rs.400 – 500/-.

You would presume that how hard is it to make a burger – get the bread, heat the patty , add your green leaf and some sauce and what the heck even I am a burger chef. Well I was mistaken. I had ordered a “classic chicken”, the patty was soft and juicy, and the bread soft and just the right amount of sauce that didn’t drop out of the burger and make my eating all messy. The best part was that my burger, at no time felt dry. I had also ordered the “Fries with Cheese and Bacon” – one word to describe it yum. That is positively sinful. A must try. Who said that burgers have to be round? We has some square ones.

saladaI must mention here about the servers – we were a large group of 25 plus, extremely chatty women, who placed orders as and when we came in, yet we didn’t have a single problem with our order. It was served to us on time and the right one every time. The burgers seemed to be colour coded with small ball on the toothpick with red and green to know if it’s a vegetarian or non- vegetarian one, makes its easier in a large group.

So thank you Wendy’s and Team for a lovely time.








Pictures Courtesy: Anamica Cannivady