COVID-19 has now spread its wings in India. Kanika Barman, a mom of 2 and a business owner shares her journey after she tested Corona +ve  and how she and her family managed it and kept their hopes strong.

How I  got the virus , even I am not aware. I have been very particular and cautious all through. 

How did you find out or get to know that you may be Corona +ve?

It started with one evening when I was feeling a little feverish and had slight throat irritation. Already, there was so much panic about COVID-19, I didn’t take a chance and took an e-consultation with my physician. She prescribed me certain anti allergies and paracetamol and I was told to observe for 3 days. All this while fever persisted and throat irritation and fatigue was there. By Day 4, we were contemplating getting a COVID test done or not. Day 5, morning I had a loss of taste, I was quite sure it is COVID. My physician also told me to get the test done. From Day 1, I was ensuring to keep a distance from everyone at home. However, on Day 5, I isolated myself completely in one room. 
I got myself tested after getting a prescription from my doctor  and COVID  was detected. 

How did you get your COVID test done?

We were preferring a home collection, However, the laboratory we were preferring had a long wait. We finally got SRL Laboratory, sending someone for home collection. The person who came to do the test, was in his PPE  kit. It was a normal swab test from throat and nose

Did you home quarantine yourself? If yes, then what steps did you take for the same?

Yes, I did. Initially, I kept a distance from my family, however, when it was confirmed that I am COVID +ve, I was in a separate room. We had set a protocol, wherein only one person was serving me food. Few utensils were kept aside just for me. I was cleaning my own room, washing my own clothes, and ensuring that the utensils that go out of my room are soap washed by me once.

Which device/devices did you use for self-monitoring?

We had bought an Oxymeter. This was essential as I was monitoring my oxygen levels morning and evening. 
A very dear friend, who had recently recovered had sent me Oxy 99, which is an immediate oxygen pump in case breathlessness occurs. 

Did you have any home-made medicinal kada or drink or special diet during this time? If yes, please share the recipe 

Many of my friends and family sent a Kadha Recipe. Which we all started having.  A dear neighbor had sent a Kadha mix with Giloy which was really helpful. Apart from this, I was ensuring to have fruits, coconut water, lots of liquids, and warm soups. 
Sharing a recipe of Kadha :- 
Kad-ha Recipe:- ( Kad-ha is a Punjabi word, means to boil all in one pot ) 
1. Haldi
2. Kali Mirch
3. Long
4. Methi Dana 
5. Dal Chini
6. Adrak
7 Gur or Honey
8. Saunf
9. Badi Ilaychi key daney
Take all items in very small quantities. Gur or Honey as per taste. Boil in water to reduce water to half. Filter it and drink hot.
 Recipe of Chicken soup which a friend had sent and was really soothing and helped me in getting my energy back 
  • Warm some ghee and add khada garam masala to it – cinnamon, cardamom, a little jeera, cloves, and whole black peppercorns.
  • Then add a bit of ginger and garlic to the ghee.
  • Once the raw smell goes away, add the chicken prices and vegetables – whatever is handy.
  • I add onions carrots etc and roast in the ghee properly till the pieces are sealed in
  • Add boiling water and let the stock develop for at least an hour on simmer.
  • Add salt at the end.


What did you do to keep your mood up and not let stress overpower you?

 I was a bit stressed initially. I was getting all negative thoughts, like what if my oxygen levels go down and I would get more anxious. Then I myself realized its better to think of something or engage in something that keeps these thoughts away. 
I set a routine for myself, wherein I did breathing exercises in the morning followed by chanting. Lots of phone calls, video calls from family and friends. Lots of food sent by friends to change my mood. Evenings would be the time, I would engage myself in binge-watching Netflix series. I actually finished watching Aarya, Anne with E ( Thanks to Neela ), Gulabo Sitabo…and probably more. 

 They usually say a mother holds everything. When you fell sick, how did the family manage?

My husband was cooking and managing the house. He learned to make Poha, he had downloaded all online ordering apps. Took care of everything and was smiling and supporting all through. Many blessings for my family and friends for all the love. 
Kids would constantly call me on video calls. Advay especially missed me a lot … So many video calls … He would cry too. Aadya is stronger than him … She was busy with online games and friends. A big Gratitude to God that it was a mild virus infection. One thing I realized, it is only a small act of kindness which makes one realize how blessed I am.


This may also have been a period of reflection for you since you were spending a good time by yourself. Would you like to share anything with us?

Very frankly, initially, I was very anxious as to how will I do and what will I do. Once the acceptance came, I made a routine for myself. I started with breathing exercises and chanting. A lot of gratitude for so many phone calls especially from friends who I had lost touch with. For the first time, I was not reading the news to find out how many COVID cases …or hearing any negative news.

I also inculcated self-awareness of how important it is to take care of ourselves and our health. The very fact it was only 14 days … I thought I should sleep and relax the most ….watch TVendlessly.

Kanika also maintained a diary of notes from Day 1 for feeling unwell .

Day 1- 16th June – Throat Irritation and Slight Fever
Day 2 – 17th June – Fever ( 100.5-99) , Throat Irritation , cough. Medication Began
Day 3 -18th June- Fever ( 99)
Day 4 -19th June No Fever , Lethargy
Day 5 – 20th June A lot of tiredness and drained
Day 6- 21st – Loss of Taste . tiredness , Stuffy nose.
Day 7 – 22nd – Low fever (97.6) ,stuffed nose , slight headache, throat irritation
and I am detected Covid positive 

Day 7  now becomes Day 1

Day 2 – 23rd – low temp (96.8) , oxygen level is fine. The only thing is to think positive . Anything that makes you anxious erase it. missing my family. missing the hug. Slight headache. Bad headache in the evening. Taking Crocin on doctors advice. Getting tired too.
Day 3 – 24th June- No Fever, Headache persists. Energy Seems Dipped . was feeling low. cried also . Sinus pain too. Dip in oxygen level (95).
Day 4 -25th June – Much better in the morning . Energy is good today. Throat still feels a little irritated but quite less. Sinus pain persists.
Day 5 – 26th June – Much better day … Good energy … Feel good too… slight pain in the throat or slight cough . No headache , No Sinus pain too … Cannot wait to be back to normal but have a  long way to go .
Day 6 – 27th June – Low energy , Stuffy nose …no headache , slight cough too , oxygen a bit low (96)
Day 7 – 28th June – First half …was feeling very weak and tired… rested and slept again … then was much better . Energy went on well after that .
Day 8 – 29th June – Good energy , counting days to be back to Normal … wonder what is normal ? How will it be ? Will I again go to pick up grocery or to the store downstairs … don’t know . However , good feeling and energy is good too.

Kanika has now recovered from COVID-19 and is awaiting results for the IgG Antibody test. 



Kanika Burman is the Founder of Allied Food Company  She is married and the mother of 2 aged  15 & 12 years.