Clutter, Clutter Everywhere and out of places to hide!?!

As humans we all have clutter tucked away here and there and don’t even realize the numerous special places and hideouts we create for our much favoured ‘stuff’. It is this same clutter that then slowly starts to add up and starts to take a toll in one’s life without most of us even realizing that this is happening. The catch of course is in knowing, when clutter is too much and when it starts to bleed into other aspects of one’s life. The tolerance levels of clutter can vary from individual to individual and is usually an indication of behavioural issues versus a stuff issue.

Here are some relatable and tell-tale signs of when clutter starts to rule an individual’s life:

  1. Clutter makes one Lethargic: Stagnant energy that stacks up around clutter actually causes tiredness and lethargy as it is ‘stuck energy’. Clearing up clutter can breathe new vitality and life into one’s life.
  2. Clutter keeps one in the past: Often the stuff individuals are holding onto is filled with items from the past. This often keeps one ‘stuck in the past’ and blocks out the future and new things and experiences from entering one’s life. Get rid of the ‘past’ and open the windows of possibility.
  3. Clutter equals Weightiness:  Individuals, who are on the heavier side, often, carry the ‘weight of their clutter’ on them (metaphorically speaking). This is because both body weight and clutter are forms of self-protection and avoidance. Lose the clutter and in turn lose the weight.
  4. Clutter, Chaos and Confusion: Chaos and lack of clarity in thought and action are obvious signs of ‘hindrances caused by clutter’.  A clean, clear and clutter-free space often alleviates the chaotic and confused state of mind.
  5. Clutter and Procrastination: Procrastination and avoidance of dealing with the ‘stagnated clutter’ keeps one from delaying and avoiding the situations as it becomes increasingly difficult to motivate one to act otherwise. Determined action can rid one of these problems.
  6. Clutter and Conflict: Clutter is a major cause of arguments in families and between co-workers. Once all barriers and clutter is removed from the environment, the disagreements and communication channels open up. A cluttered environment often is a turn off to friends and family and can strain relationships.
  7. Clutter ties one down: Freedom is the word that comes to mind when one is not tied down to clutter. Free your life and mind of clutter and the gain the inspiration to live life and the rest will follow.
  8. Clutter a Health and Fire Hazard: Needless to state the obvious, when things are left as is for long durations they tend to start smelling bad, get damp and disintegrate and create an unhygienic environment, which usually is also a fire hazard and can turn all the collected clutter into ashes in no time.
  9. Clutter a Distraction: The more an individual’s clutter, the more the energy is tied up in mundane and repetitive matters. A clutter-free environment can offer fewer distractions and even improve one’s focus.

  1. Clutter and Disorganization:  A common theme that everyone can relate to would be when it comes to misplacing things such as misplaced keys, glasses, wallet, and mobile phone, etc. One eventually tends to give up looking and often goes out and buys the same thing again, only, to find the lost item a few days later. Being unorganized costs time, money and despair. Empowerment and control can change that dynamic.
  2. Clutter and Depression: Depression and helplessness and a feeling of hopelessness often seep’s in when one is surrounded by clutter as it bogs the individual down physically and mentally. Creating a light and clean space, can often eliminate any depressive thoughts.
  3. Clutter is Excess Baggage: Clutterholics often have to pay excess baggage charges for all the things that are drag along with them, ‘just-in-case’, it is needed. Excess baggage extends beyond the physical state into emotional baggage that is also carried along.

Based on the signs stated above, the unaccounted cost of clutter can be enormous and subconsciously and sublimely sabotage one’s life. Finding and creating a ‘place for everything and having everything in its place’ can be the missing key to one’s success.


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