“The only person who can pull me down is myself, and I’m not going to let myself pull me down anymore.”

 -C. Joybell C


strength training

Strength Training: The Game Changer for Perimenopausal Women

More often than not, we end up thinking about everyone else except ourselves.
Whether we’re focused on our careers or managing home and family, most women don’t think fitness is as important.
Sobana Laxmi Jagaraj, a holistic nutritionist and also our team member, tells us why it is crucial for women to start strength training



“Cruising into Mom’s 60th: A Birthday Voyage to Remember”

Another form of self-care is doing what you love. Tanushree Roy Ghoshal loves to travel, and recently she went on a remarkable journey to celebrate her mom’s 60th birthday. She shares some really helpful and informative tips when planning a cruise vacation


As the festive season approaches, our enthusiasm for shopping and adorning ourselves with jewelry grows. What’s intriguing is that lab-grown diamonds offer an ethical and often more cost-effective option without sacrificing quality or brilliance. In an informative piece, Ramita Bawa delves into the world of lab-grown diamonds, shedding light on their ethical and economic advantages



Because we are always happy to engage in journeys which aren’t just conversations, they are a rendezvous with the magic of storytelling – REAL TIME!
Join us on the 19th of October from the confines of your home / office/ anywhere because it’s INSTA LIVE… with Subhashini Prasad the Author from U.K. who shall unravel the pages of her newly launched book – “A SECOND CHANCE”!!
Date- 19th Oct, 23
Time- 6pm
Let’s connect, share and celebrate the joy of reading together.

Click here to join the GurgaonMoms Book Club



We are extremely thrilled when a member receives praise for an accomplishment because we are dedicated to creating an exceptional community.

Divya Saxena from Whisk Cake Studio has been conferred the prestigious ‘Cake Maker of the Year’ at the Indian Cake Awards 2023.
On behalf of the entire GurgaonMoms – we wish you success and prosperity.


 Community Buzz

Job Opportunities

Are you considering a job or career change? You may find the positions listed below intriguing.

Equal opportunity employers can post their requirements. Please write to [email protected]


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The GurgaonMoms community is a hub of information. Here are some posts you might have missed that may be helpful


Bring out your garba and dandiya moves!
Here are some upcoming garba and dandiya events in Gurgaon.



Let the melodious sound of dhak welcome all the positivity into our lives.Here is a list of must visit Durga Puja pandals in Gurgaon.
Let the celebrations begin!


Meet two of our style queens sharing with us for the first time ever on #shukravaarstylemaar! Both unique in their own lovely ways.

What is your personal style? Have you found it yet? If yes, please post in our community (https://www.facebook.com/groups/gurgaonmoms) on Fridays and who knows, you may be featured next

Deepa Dutta Chaudhuri: My first ever #sukhravarstylemaar post, and I am a little hesitant!
I am a saree freak, and an absolute fan of India’s diverse weavers, weaving styles, fabrics. And am an obsessive compulsive collector. I keep picking them from all over the country….as best as I can!
Sharing this photo wearing an ordinary ‘Taant’ I had bought from Gariahat (Kolkata) for a day spent listening to think-tanks and making notes at a CII conference in Delhi. Had picked it up for being understated, quiet. One of my favourites in my collection of taants matching with my desert roses in the balcony!
Preeti Purohit: First time sharing my pictures on #shukravaarstylemaar. Style toh mere blood me hai!


The news items listed below may be helpful for our members who reside in Delhi – NCR

It is an absolute pleasure to share that NOW GurgaonMoms has an exclusive BOOK shelf at Kunzum Travel Café , DT MEGA MALL .
This shelf comprises of books recommended and read during our monthly book meets. Please do not miss viewing this, take a picture – share it on the Gurgaon Moms Book Club and importantly buy books from these recommendations. Let your friends and family know too.
Also, a special 20% discount can be availed at all Kumzum stores especially for all GurgaonMoms members.

Five choked roads in Gurugram to be made one-way.The police have announced plans to convert the stretches between Rajiv Chowk and Sohna Chowk, Gurdwara Road, Aggarwal Dharamshala Chowk, Mor Chowk, and Sethi Chowk into one-way roads to alleviate congestion during peak hours from this Saturday. This decision comes in response to the prevalent issue of wrong-side driving at these five locations during these times.

News Source:Hindustan Times 


Humor is the delightful spark that lights up our lives, turning the mundane into moments of joy and connection.

Let’s look at this funny post.



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