“The three great elemental sounds in nature are the sound of rain, the sound of wind in a primeval wood, and the sound of outer ocean on a beach.”

 – Henry Beston

Rain brings respite from the hot sun, quenches the dry earth, and uplifts our mood. My favourite part of the monsoon is ‘Petrichor, the magical fragrance when the first rain drops kiss the earth… It is the most exceptional fragrance.



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GurgaonMoms Book Club is very excited to announce their next event with author Geetika Goyal on July 28th to discuss her new book  ‘Hichki’. Sign up before the event gets sold out. Following are the details.

Date- Friday 28th July, 2023 
Time- 5pm-7pm
Venue– Kunzum Books, DT Mega Mall

Be there for the launch, the conversation in the interesting book and in support

Register if you haven’t already….LIMITED SEATS !!!!


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4 Lip Smacking Monsoon Recipes

The first thing that comes to every Indian’s mind, when it rains is to eat ‘Pakoras’! Pakora is a synonym for rain in our world.
Anubha Garg and Shelly Tripatthy have shared irresistible pakora & cutlet recipes with us. Let’s dive into these delicious recipes


Monsoon Readiness around Health

Monsoon time can also bring a host of infections. Dr.Shubhy Aggarwal, a practising Homoeopathic physician, shares some tips with us on how to take care of our health during the monsoon season. here


Keep Your Home Squeaky Clean this Monsoon

Monsoon season can get a bit tricky when it comes to home cleanliness. Due to the weather, it can get stuffy, drains can get clogged, and mould can also start growing in dark corners. Priya Rewaria from Squeaky Clean shares some useful tips to keep your home fresh and clean during the monsoons.

How to Take Care of Skin and Hair During Monsoons

Skin and hair care are equally important during the monsoon season. Skin tends to get oily, and hair gets frizzy. Choosing the right skin and hair care routine is very important to keep your glow intact. Reema Jain, founder – WUBA, shares some useful tips on how to care for the skin and hair during this season.


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Job Opportunities

Do you intend to change jobs or careers? You might be interested in the positions listed below.


Our #shukravaarstylemaar queens showcase their style quotient ‘then and now’!

What is your personal style ? Have you found it yet ? If yes, please post in our community (https://www.facebook.com/groups/gurgaonmoms) on Fridays and who knows, you may be featured next

Sujaya Singh: Recently for my wedding anniversary, I dared to bare one shoulder. Had been wanting to try this style for sometime and finally got self-motivated to do so… and the result was ‘with confidence everything suits us’! Here’s a then and now stylemaar with a 13 year gap.
Deepti Gupta Devikar: My love for backless and trying something new every time, 2 picures clicked 4 years apart. You live only once and nothing or no one should bring you down!
I am the fire,
Don’t take me for a pyre.
I am the thunder,
Trivialising me will be your biggest blunder!


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Sharing some recent posts that you can be of use 

With the upsurge of nuclear family set ups. Seniors can face isolation, security issues, inactivity and even depression.
Here is why you should consider community living for seniors.
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