Dear darling Pavitra,
It seems like yesterday I brought you home and before I could blink, we’re already here. A High School Freshman,
As you enter high school, dad and I have some nuggets of wisdom for you because we’ve been there too. Yes it was years ago and the stress and the problems were different but it still counts.
1) Be gentle and kind to yourself
Throughout High school there will be girls who may be more accomplished than you, some in studies, some in sports , some creatively, some popular, some leaders. This may be a little intimidating, but don’t let it affect your confidence. Don’t compare yourself to others now or ever.
2) Experiment without fear of failure
Darling these four years are a wonderful opportunity for you to dabble in different areas. Do not think too much and try as many things you can . Some of them may not work  but some will work surprisingly well . Most of all you will come out richer from the experience and understand and learn that success and failure are intertwined just like night and day.
2) Don’t lose your uniqueness
For Daddy and me there’s no one who is like  you. You are smart, hard working and funny . You have certain gifts, and uniqueness that no one can match, and we love that about you! Please don’t change yourself just to impress others or gain more friends. You are beautiful the way you are. Never forget that.
3)Seek quality over quantity in friendships
Even if you have just two close friends who get you that is great . There’s nothing better than a couple of friends who know you well and have your back .
4)Be the nice girl
Be the one who is respectful to the underprivileged, friendly to the new student, inclusive to the kid sitting alone . You know how girls can be mean to each other emotionally just to be popular. You be the one who wont be unkind . Make sure no one is left out or bullied.
5) Guys are great, but shouldn’t be your only focus
High school is a time to discover yourself, have a ton of fun,  learn new things, work on your self. You will have crushes : just enjoy those feelings but don’t act on them. Please don’t let a guy stress you out. Seriously, now is not the time to get focused on a boy. Remember what Michelle Obama said in her speech.
6)Enjoy this time
Right now you’re probably excited to start on this new journey, but soon you’ll be writing extended essays,  worrying about your SAT scores and just want it all to be over. The stress will be more than you’ve felt in all these years , But, funnily , it will come to an end very quickly, and you will be ready to transition to adulthood. And then just like me you will be reminiscing about high school for the rest of your life.  So please enjoy each day that high school brings you – the good and the not-so-great – because each experience will shape you into the person you are meant to be.
7) Don’t keep your problems  to yourself
You don’t have to tell us everything, but if you’re in trouble or struggling in any way,  come to us. We might get mad at you but will never stop loving you There are really no issues we can’t handle together as a team.
My eyes are now blurry with unshed tears , so with with my heart bursting with joy and pride at the same time, I send you off on your path.
Dad and I love you immensely, never forget that.
Lots of love and hugs
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