Have you  ever experienced a WOW moment and are left speechless? I have never had such an experience until I saw the pyramids.
I studied architecture and Pyramids of Egypt were an architectural wonder for us. Even as a small girl I used to be fascinated with Pyramids.

Kajol wearing a beautiful saree and dancing to ‘Suraj hua madham’ looked divine.
So on our trip to Egypt we decided to do something special. I wore a blue top and got my hubby a matching blue shirt. My daughters held a blue chiffon saree in the background to complete the effect. Our Egyptian guide thought that we had gone completely mad but sportingly became the cinematographer. It was super cold, and how these skimpily clad actors perform in such conditions… I have no idea. (Actually the original idea was that I would wear the saree..but it was just way too cold.)

We danced, clicked lots of pictures, drank in the view as much as the cold would allow and scampered back to the car so happy and delirious that we sounded drunk.
When I was buying and keeping all these outfits it looked crazy, and my hubby being the strong and silent types kept muttering something. Thank God I did not listen. The pics and videos were totally worth all the preparation. Go crazy and just do what your heart tells you to do.

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