As a working mother we are often seen being caught up in guilt of not able to spend quality time with our little ones. Even when we get sometime over the weekend or holidays we are clueless about how to engage them productively without getting irritated of their tantrums seeking our attention or the worry of mess being created in the house if we allow them to do whatever they want to do !
Being a mother of two who are of the age 8 yrs & 5 yrs now I was also caught up in the dilemma 4 yrs back when I was working full time in corporate MNC juggling my time between office meetings, trips & giving time to my kids who were aged 4 & 1 back then. As an adult we get so engrossed in planning and scheduling our personal & professional time so meticulously that we miss
to catch the very essence of life that is living in the moment and finding happiness in little pleasures of life.
This phase of life is the most beautiful time when they still need the comfort of your lap at the same time are ready to explore new ideas and activities to make their daily chores more interesting !

summer vacation

Summer Vacation is around the corner and what bothers most of the mothers is how to engage the kids at home for almost a month ! Your vacation plan might be for a week or 10 days but for rest of the 2-3 week you need to have a plan in backup plan in place so that they don’t end up spending maximum time in front of the screen.

To start with start with the basic activities or tasks which they can easily take charge of like watering the plants, filling the water bottles or making a picture log of the things they will do in vacation or the places they visited.

Maintaining a personal daily journal documenting their feelings, happiness,things they didn’t like, what they loved and what they wish for are a great way to keep them engaged. Encourage them to write a couple of gratitude Every day and about incidents which made them happy.

So here I’m sharing few tips from my personal experience which were super hit with my kids and I’m sure your kid is going to love them as well.

Age group 1 – 3 yrs :

1.My messy munchkin ( DIY easy finger paint)
This easy to make finger paint using corn starch and edible food colors are great way to keep the toddlers busy. Just lay your mat on the floor and use old news paper or white chart paper on which the kids can spill the paint using fingers or hands. You can use disposable plate or bowls to pour the paints.

summer vacation


2. Nature walk with toddler

Just go down in the community park for a walk and collect few dry leaves, flowers, twigs & grass in a basket. Your kid would love to do that as well. You and your kid can use these items creatively and create


3. Fireless cooking:
Whether you like baking or not but trust me kids love it when you involve them in little help in the kitchen. So using basic idea
like getting a muffin and make some icing at home and put it in a cone. Get some sprinkler and tada you little chef is all ready
to make his/her own cup cake. Enjoy the desert with them.

summer vacation

Age group : 4- 6 yrs

1.Nature walk collectible craft
Once in a while I always encourage my kids to take a walk in the nature and spot the bugs and butterflies. Take inspiration from
them and use the collectibles to create something unique. They really enjoy doing this activity.


2. DIY Magic lamp using old bottles:
If you have an ketchup or oil bottle they can be used for bottle art or to create unique decorative piece just like my kids did this for last Diwali and helped me with the home décor.


3. Amazon box craft

One section of my kid’s cupboard is always filled with junk packaging boxes or pringle boxes which they never let me throw.
They mostly use them to create a treasure box for them or use them to create their doll’s bed and toy car parking space.
Options are endless and the activity actually keeps them occupied for hours. They just need some basic stationary stuff like paint, brush and glue etc

summer vacation

Age group 7 – 10 yrs.

Well this age group is quite creative and they love to explore more diverse form of craft other than the usual ones.

So if they really like to be crafty and spend time creating something unique try these super cool ideas with them

1. DIY fairy garden in a pot using kinder joy toys and their little collectibles

2. Use left over rangoli colors or gulaal to create these sand art creatures

Kids enjoy this activity a lot creating colorful pattern and designs and decorating the outer side using googly eyes and pompom balls.

3. Kindness rocks : Ask them to make the cute stone art for their friends.

I hope you all liked activities I have shared. Do try them with your kids  during this summer vaction and let me know if they liked it.

Caution: These activities might generate a little mess around the house but for once let your inner child come back to life
and experience the joy of creativity even if that means a couple of hand prints on wall or some foot print on clean carpet.
At least that is better than the endless screen time which results in poor eyesight restricting brain development.

Remember that this is the golden period of motherhood when our kids crave for our attention.
By getting involved with them in these small activities will not only strengthen your bond with them but will also give them a
sense of comfort that you enjoy their company.
A happy childhood is one of the best gifts that parents have in their power to bestow.

summer vacation This article is written by Prity Sahay 

Prity Sahay Entrepreneur Prity is a mom of two kids, an Artist and designer by passion. She’s an engineer turned fashion tech professional spanning a corporate experience of more than 12 yrs. In 2018 she founded Aloaft Events with the aim of transforming parties & family events.5 years later she wants to do the same with gifting and that’s how Bowvillea came into being. She is a doting mother & loves to indulge in creative activities engaging her kids along.