“Before my child’s exam, I calm her nerves with gentle words, sprinkle in a few jokes, then chauffeur her to school”

-Vibha Kunzru Atal


When students experience stress, it can impair their focus and memory. High stress levels during exams may lead to anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues, impacting physical health with symptoms such as headaches, stomachaches, and fatigue.

It’s crucial for all students to have an equal opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills without the burden of stress affecting their performance. Additionally, a stress-free environment is beneficial for mental health. GurgaonMoms remains committed to addressing this issue by examining the challenges and consulting with professionals, parents, and teachers for valuable insights.



exam anxiety

Exam Anxiety:The Student’s Guide to Managing Stress

Aradhya Awasthi, a licensed clinical psychologist at Sukoon Healthcare, provides valuable insights into the causes of exam anxiety and offers practical tips for effectively coping with these challenges.


diet during exams

Examination And That Gut Feeling

As the exams approach, parents juggle concerns over their children’s eating habits, cravings for comfort food, and the need for nutritious meals to ease exam stress.

Sobana Laxmi Jagaraj, a certified nutritionist, tells us how to find the delicate balance between providing comforting foods that boost morale and ensuring they are nutritionally balanced to support optimal brain health and gut function during exams


Beyond Success : A Candid Chat with Sudha Murty

Neela Kaushik, Founder GurgaonMoms, engaged in a profoundly captivating discussion with Sudha Murty Ma’am, where the latter shared insights into her life, experiences in motherhood, and reflections on marriage. Click on the link below to watch the this remarkable conversation.


first period


A Mother’s Guide to Navigating Her Daughter’s First Period

Embarking on the journey of your daughter’s first period? As your daughter reaches this significant milestone, you may wonder about the changes ahead and how best to support her through it. Monalika Sabharwal’s  comprehensive article offers invaluable guidance, providing a roadmap to navigate this journey with care and understanding.


All the Love You Deserve with Preeti Shenoy

The GurgaonMoms Book Club recently hosted a remarkable event featuring the renowned author Preeti Shenoy. Her literary prowess has crafted stories that deeply resonate with human emotions. The event was a delightful fusion of laughter, captivating conversations, and simple pleasures, unfolding like a storybook of joy. Here’s a glimpse of the event


We are thrilled to celebrate the achievements of our members, as we are dedicated to nurturing an exceptional community.

Congratulations to Nandini Misra on the first anniversary of her business venture, ‘House of Nandini
A vibrant retail studio with exclusive chikankari collection, including the exquisite Lucknow Chikankari, Summer Chiffon & Mul Kurtas, exclusive wedding attire to Light Cotton & Chanderi- the exhaustive range is amazing and the beautiful studio is a must visit!
Studio Location, 209, Suncity Success Tower, Golf Course Extension Road, Gurgaon Sec 65, 122005

Congratulations to Ankita Ankur Aggarwal on the launch of her second studio, ‘TradeUNO,‘ at Golf Course Road.

Whether you’re a seasoned fashion enthusiast or embarking on your style exploration, or even a designer, they cater to all. Explore their vast array of premium fabrics, spanning from opulent silks to chic linens and beyond. With options suitable for every season, occasion, and attire, their collection is comprehensive and diverse

Store Address: A14/9, Second floor,Opposite DLF Mega Mall, DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon

Click here for sneak peak of the store launch


 Community Buzz

Job Opportunities

Are you considering a job or career change? You might be interested in the positions listed below.

Equal opportunity employers can post their requirements. Please write to [email protected]


Bringing you the chosen recipes from our very ardent food loving members via our latest community initiative #ThursdayTadka!  Join us as we embark on a delightful journey of culinary creativity and community spirit. Every Thursday, members are invited to share the flavors and stories from their kitchens, adding a dash of spice to our community’s vibrant tapestry. Join the celebration!

Anuradha Walia’s nostalgic ‘Amti’

Amti is one dish I and my brother grew up eating as my nana spent his childhood in Kolhapur. So mom also learnt from her dadi and whenever I felt like eating would tell her as no one here is fond of it. So today when arhar dal was being made I called mom and asked for the recipe. Took out my portion of dal and voila made it.
It is my comfort bowl nothing else needed!
  • Just give one whistle to arhar dal.
  • Add salt and haldi to it.
  • Dry roast grated coconut, one tsp sabut dhania, one tsp zeera, little methi dana.Once cool grind it.
  • Soak some imli and keep its pulp ready.
  • After one whistle add dry masala, imli pulp and small piece of jaggery.
  • Give another whistle.
  • Before serving put tadka in desi ghee of curry leaves, rai, hing and red chilli powder.
Purnima Rao’s heirloom ‘Gobhi Gajar Pickle’
This is memorable for me and my family as this is my grandfathers recipe and we all love this pickle in winters.
When we were kids my grandfather used to make this in winter in big wok and distribute to all his daughters and grandkids! Still remember his smile and love while making this.
I wait to make this… all the spices add such good flavors you can simply have it with a chapati any time!
  • Gajar- 2.5Kg
  • Gobhi-2.5Kg
  • Onion-1Kg
  • Ginger-150Gms
  • Garlic-150Gms


  • Sarso Oil- 1 Ltr
  • Dal Chini- 50Gms
  • Badi Elaichi- 100Gms
  • Bhuna Jeera- 100Gms
  • Javitri- 20Gms
  • Jaifal- 2 Pcs
  • Rai- 50Gms
  • Red Pepper- 5 Spoons
  • Haldi Powder- 5 Spoons
  • Salt- 10 Spoons
  • Sugar- 500 Gms
  • Black Sirka (Vinegar Black) -350 ml
  • Wash Gajar and Gobhi and then cut them into small pieces and dry them in sunlight for 2 days.
  • After two days of sunlight fry these vegetables in mustard oil.
  • Now cut the onion thin and long, fry it in sarso oil the same we do for any vegetable tadka. Meanwhile chop and grate garlic into paste and add it into fried onion masala.
  • Please make sure not to add any water to make paste or in onion.
  • Meanwhile take all masalas dalchini, badi elaichi, bhuna jeera, javitri, jaifal, rai and crush them in a mixer.
  • Once the onion, ginger, garlic masala is brown, add above crushed masals and red pepper, haldi, salt, sugar and sirka in it and let it boil for some time so the sugar gets dissolved properly.
  • Now add this masala to fried gobhi gajar and mix it properly.
  • Keep this for 1 night and mix it well so as salt leaves some water and your pickle is ready.


Our lovely ladies rock #shukravaarstylemaar as they showcase their personal favorites.

What is your personal style? Have you found it yet? If yes, please post in our community (https://www.facebook.com/groups/gurgaonmoms) on Fridays and who knows, you may be featured next

Pooja Plantaddict: Be beautiful, not only in your looks but also in your actions! Loved donning this gorgeous pink Benarasi silk as I walked the ramp for a good cause!

Hansveen Sabharwal: I adore wearing suits in the summer; they effortlessly imbue comfort and feminine elegance. During my latest trip to Amritsar, I sported a simple cotton suit, perfectly paired with my signature plai

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