Abhilasha Jain is a celebrated Home Chef, a proud owner of Marwadi Khana and a recipient of several prestigious Food Awards. She has been featured as the Best Home Chef of Gurgaon, more than once in several reputed English and Hindi dailies like ToI, HT, Femina, Dainik Jagran, Dainik Bhaskar to name just a few. She has also been invited as a Speaker at some prominent and esteemed social events with the likes of Indian Restaurant Congress and Hungarian Embassy. Her videos are a hit on youtube and she has been covered in several videos covered by various channels sharing her inspirational story.

For Abhilasha Jain, Marwadi Khana is not just her brain child but her dream, her desire, and a lot more than what she would aspire!!

It’s amazing to know that she hails from a typical orthodox family where women work only in certain special and unfortunate cases, financial insecurity being one of them. But, against all odds here she is today, nurturing ‘Marwadi Khana’ just to bear the fruits of her passion and fulfil her dreams. Generally people work towards attaining financial security or to prove a point to somebody or for self-worth but she started Marwadi Khana with just one motto -She cooks because she likes to feed others, she cooks because she likes that smile which her food brings on others faces, she started Marwadi Khana because she sincerely feels that her soul connects with others’ in the process n that’s a liberation for her!

Since childhood, her father has been an inspiration for her all her life but when she shared the idea of Marwadi Khana with her family and parents, her father was her biggest critic and was totally against the idea. She recollects that her father, in fact, had got upset with her as he was afraid that his daughter’s desire to follow her dreams might not be good for the family in the typical Marwadi society! But all this still could not deter her and she decided to prove her father wrong and bring him laurels instead!!

Even though she lacked the emotional support and any inspiration in her life during that initial phase, her husband, Mr Ashish Jain, became her sole anchor, and soon one achievement followed the other; all this helped her regain all her ties, and made her stronger than ever! That is the reason why Marwadi Khana is not just a venture for her but a strong bond indeed and that’s why, she believes, whoever orders food from Marwadi Khana feels ‘bonded’ over food!

Though Abhilasha is a home chef but she does not want to restrict the outreach of her Marwadi Khana only till certain close-by societies, rather she wants to touch every soul through her food and wants people from all walks of life to bond over her authentic marwadi recipes. To turn this thought into reality, she had been aiming at a collaboration with reputed and posh restaurants in the town. Westin Gurgaon has witnessed Abhilasha Jain receiving many awards in the home chef category during many such award functions held in their premises. Westin has been regularly organizing and hosting the Big F Awards for past four years and this year they found it just apt to showcase famous and delectable regional cuisines from the kitchens of home chefs, in their restaurants. And who else could have done it better than Abhilasha Jain, who has won the same prestigious Big F Award not once not twice but three times in last four years!

Westin Gurgaon is hosting the Regional Food Festival from Feb 18th to Feb 25th, 2019. Abhilasha Jain is going to open the food festival with her authentic, traditional, lip-smacking and scrumptious marwadi spread. It will be on for all days’ dinner and Sunday brunch.

With her sheer grit and passion, Abhilasha has reached so far and is still going on, working as hard as her first day. She does not want to stop here and wants no one else too to stop chasing their dreams. Abhilasha believes that if you have attained what you have aspired for, then don’t rest but see another dream, set another goal, make another vision and get, set, go!

In spite of so many feathers in her cap, Abhilasha Jain is still grounded and is open to constructive criticism, feedback and learning. She feels blessed to have a supporting husband and daughter who understand her passion and are her back-bone. She holds her friends responsible to keep her grounded and consults them for honest feedback for any improvisations. She is also extremely grateful to Pawan Soni, a famous food blogger and a known name in the food industry, for his continuous guidance and support. Abhilasha gives a huge amount of credit for her success to GurgaonMoms as she started from there initially and has found the platform extremely supportive and encouraging.

Above all, she is thankful to her happy customers for believing in her.

You can follow her on https://www.facebook.com/MarwadiKhana