It was in Nov-Dec-2017 that I heard my quad friends starting to discuss about something called FLC. I was roughly in my second quarter training with The Quad and was quite happy to have been showing improvement in mobility and strength. I wasn’t too focussed on weight loss as I had convinced myself that weight loss is going to be slow post pregnancy.

When I was explained about the D9 rules completely in Jan-2018, I was very happy to know that we were going to be backed up by a team of certified, in-house nutritionists who will be guiding us through the 8 weeks. But like every other new mother, I was apprehensive to go on a calorie deficit diet because I was, then, still nursing my 15 -month old daughter and feared if I would deprive her of any nutrition. I was also afraid to take supplements on a daily basis.

So I reached out to both Quad’s nutrition team and my paediatrician and got a GO for the diet.  So, Finally, I started FLC at 64.3 kg, with the hope that, if i follow the rules meticulously, may be i can lose 2-3 kgs. But I was surprised to see that by just adhering to 9 rules, i had lost approx. 2.5- 3 kgs and several cms around the waist, in the first two weeks itself. This gave me the confidence to give my 100% to the 9 rules for the rest of the challenge.

Week after week it was an out-of-the-world feeling to see kgs and inches drop consistently that left me feeling lighter and stronger. I had not realised, that i had lost 8 kgs(56.8kgs) by end of 8 weeks and had gone from a Size L (M in some brands) to an XS.

But beyond weight and inch loss, the biggest take away for me from FLC was that I began enjoying food. I ate my dessert guilt free because I now know where I could compensate and cut down to make up for it on the next day and that I was just a meal away from eating clean. I was not afraid of carbs anymore and learnt to see the macros in the diet and portion control them. I had also got better perspective about sleep and training quality by end of 8 weeks.

Overall, it was not easy, but it was definitely worth it. The 8 weeks will remain to be the most memorable journey in my life and I am so thankful to The Quad and the D9 team for bringing this change in my life.

My’ before’ and ‘after’ pic proves it all 🙂