I like to sleep till late usually but today I woke up at 6 am. I went to hug my sleeping 11 year old and noticed a blood stain just below his pillow. The room was dark so I switched of my phone light, it was saliva and blood.
I panicked and woke my husband up. We checked his lips, nose and ears. There were no sign of blood or dry stain.
My husband told me not to panic and remain calm since my son was sleeping peacefully and there was no sign of discomfort.
I went to the balcony to water the plants (usually my favourite start of the day), but today I was having a million negative thoughts in my mind.

My husband came outside and told me that the suspense is solved. It was indeed blood – he said, and I started to cry. Just then, he opened his fist and took out a tiny molar. My son’s molar was about to come off and he pulled it out in the middle of the night and tucked it under his pillow and slept again. I hugged my child tight for a long long time.

Ladies, as mothers we tend to worry and die a hundred deaths when there is something wrong with our children. But most times it works out miraculously. Panic is the worst emotion of all. It stops your ability to think rationally and cripples you with fear.
Don’t panic and stay calm.