This happens only in this group!!
Recently someone (I forgot who posted) asked for a book recommendation to read next. I had read a wonderful book by Gaur Gopal das so posted in the comments about it. So Shailee Mayur Shah read my comment and casually posted can I have the book if you have it and I replied ‘will definitely drop it on my next visit to Gurgaon’.
So yesterday when I was in Gurgaon I connected with her and went to drop the book. Bhai sahab book ke badle mein mila lajawaab dhokla, ekdum fresh thepla with pickle, most amazing Aam panna(for this I have requested ki bhai ek bottle please bana do mere liye) and dher saara pyaar.
Matlab, bhala ho GurgaonMoms’ platform ka ki ek post ke comment ke badle mein aisa connect banwaya ki maza aa gaya.
Here’s me relishing amazing dhokla and enjoying wonderful company of our Shailee.

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