All you need to know about Parenting: Tanya’s book will handhold you to the nuances of Parenting in those formative years when you need it the most!

Almost a decade back just before I embraced motherhood, I often used to get amused, thinking what the big deal about Parenting was. Taking cues from my corporate and the academics, where I had always excelled, I thought, why should Parenting be a big struggle. Between elders saying, “bachche to pal jaate hain” and on the other side, seeing a few of my friends struggle as new parents, I stood determined to crack it my way.

Well, the first speed breaker to my plans came just at the onset of this roller coaster ride. In spite of having a proper diet plan, exercising well throughout the pregnancy and my gynaecologist expecting a normal delivery for me, I had to undergo a caesarean after an intensive twelve hours of labour ordeal.

The last ten years on this journey with two children have been moments of learning and re-learning, scratching and banging my head, of joys and pains but a lot of surprises. And one and the only thing which I can say stands out for Parenting is – There is no universal formula which holds for everyone.

All you need to know about parenting

All you need to know about Parenting – Your friend and a guide
While “To each, her own” is the mantra, yet the support and advice from those who have experienced it is invaluable. And that’s where Tanya’s book and what it offers to its readers is exceptionally precious.

All you need to know about Parenting, Tanya’s debut book is a culmination of her blog Mommy Diaries. It is a straight from the heart account of her experiences, joys, turbulences and milestones of her parenting journey till now. What sets the book apart is that it is incredibly focussed, crisp yet exhaustive when it comes to the formative years of the parenting journey.

It offers practical tips on a range of topics which have been collated both through research and experience. There is information for the parents-to-be, what to expect when the baby arrives, managing the first few years, food, sleep, travel with children, and so much more. I also loved how Tanya talks about managing the first one when the second one arrives. The book is precise and nuanced and covers the minutest information which often gets missed but is extremely useful. A summary of pertinent points at the end and in between the chapters makes the book a quick and emphatic read.

All you need to know about parenting

The book is full of anecdotes that resonated with me so dearly. Tanya has shared an incident when she left her two-month-old son for the very first time. While guilt may not have left her even for a single moment, the baby slept peacefully throughout but ensured a wailing welcome on her return. I found myself nodding and smiling as I read them, heart-warming anecdotes like her son’s reaction to seeing her nurse the second one(her daughter) for the first time touched a chord deeply.

Parenting is a skill which is hands on and is learnt on the job, but a certain level of preparedness and guidance from others sailing in the same boat goes a long way in devising your path. And that’s where Tanya’s book will act like a friend and a guide for you on this exhilarating yet gratifying journey.

All you need to know about parenting

About the event

GurgaonMoms launched All you need to know about Parenting by Tanya Khubchandani Vatsa on Friday, October 18th at Fun Factory S S Plaza in Gurugram. Aptly titled, “Parenting Myths Debunked”, the session was wonderfully curated and moderated by Upasana Mahtani Luthra, Director Public Relations, GurgaonMoms. It was a fun and engaging session. A participative audience shared their personal stories as Tanya spoke about the journey of writing the book, various myths about Parenting as well as very interesting anecdotes from her journey.

As I congratulated Tanya for such a beautiful debut, I asked her if there would be Volume 2, to which she smiled and shared” Yes, surely after a few years”

Fun Factory SS Plaza – A perfect host for the event

I was particularly impressed by choice of the venue for the event. With just the perfect ambience and a comfortable kids’ area, the mothers could relax as kids had a gala time in the play area. Also, the wide range of delectable menu and an extremely hospitable team under the leadership of Ms Kavita Sonegara Sanghvi made sure to add that personal touch of warmth for every guest.

Though this was my first GurgaonMoms event honestly didn’t feel like one even for a single moment. Indeed, isn’t that the magic and power of a community which thrives on a strong bond of sisterhood!

Photographs credit: Nimisha Singh