Are you planning to go for a haircut? Then why don’t you donate your hair for a noble cause like making wigs for cancer patients?

However, there are certain guidelines that have to be followed for donating hair and these are specific to the organizations accepting hair to make wigs.

Here are the general guidelines 

  1. The minimum hair length acceptable varies with the organization. It is usually between 6-14 inches
  2. Do not send hair swept off the floor as it cannot be used to make wigs
  3. Wash your hair properly before cutting the same for donation
  4. Chemically treated har, bleached hair is usually not accepted.Greys are accepted mostly
  5. The cut hair should be completely dry and not wet or damp and then  neatly packed in a plastic bag and sent to the center


Places where you can donate hair 


Hair for Hope – India

Hair for Hope India was started in June 19th 201 3 by Premi Mathew to create awareness about hair donation. Hair donation was an unknown concept in India at that time. A wig with natural hair is very expensive and is considered a luxury especially because chemo is very expensive and it is usually required only for 6 months-1 years. They collect donated hair and convert it into wigs and give it free to economically challenged chemo patients. It gives them the confidence to face society and more courage to fight the dreaded disease.

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The Cherian Foundation

TCF provides wigs free of cost to economically disadvantaged women and children who experience hair loss while undergoing treatment for cancer or due to alopecia. They have been able to successfully donate 703 wigs to underprivileged deserving women. Over the years they have partnered with Green Trends, Naturals,Ebony and other established salons. 

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Hair Crown

Hair Cown’s wig donation program focuses on adding smiles and hope to cancer-treated people by donating 100% natural hair wigs.They have collected about 1000+ hair donations from volunteer donors and have coordinated with Cancer institutes to serve the need

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Strands for Strength

Strands for Strength established in 2011 by a cancer survivor is an initiative for people to donate their hair to make wigs for cancer patients and provide them free of charge to cancer patients in financial need and suffering hair loss due to treatment

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Cope with Cancer 

Cope with Cancer, aims to create awareness, to inspire people to donate their healthy hair for a noble cause to someone who needs it and make them feel complete from within. It is a kind, generous and satisfying way for those who want to give something back to society to show that they care

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Life Again Foundation

Life Again Foundation is a non-profitable organization that collects donated hair for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. The donated hair is required to be at least 6 inches long, washed, dried and devoid of any styling products. Donors are required to send their hair in a labeled ziplock bag.

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Sargakshetra Charitable Centre

Wig donation is an initiative that is launched by Sargakshetra Charitable Centre to extend helping hands to those people who are affected by cancer. As part of the venture, ample assistance has been bestowed upon the brave souls who deal with the deadly disease.

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